Monday, June 19, 2017

Infantino's GrandeInvest website's About Page is Garbage

On - International Super Scammer - John David Infantino's GrandeInvest website's About page, down near the bottom and under the title "About GrandeInvest & The Grande Organization," is a very well written, promotional pile of garbage. You have to see it to understand how adeptly Infantino lies.

Below that are the terms of use, the small print, where John D. Infantino is way ahead of his Grande investors/scam victims. Whom Infantino will never pay back any money to. He lays it out that none of their international investments are protected by The Securities and Exchange Commission or any rules or laws at all, and the investors should be able to withstand the loss of their Grande investments and remain being wealthy.

At the very bottom of the page, you will see that Infantino has 27 names for all the (fake) development projects Grande has going. Not a one does he actually have going. It is all lies and deceit.

Photos of John David Infantino on Grande Scam Websites

On John David Infantino's Grande websites, there are many photographs, but I only found two photos there that have him in them. I point these out to help prove that he is the person working those Grande scams. Infantino does not have his last name on any of those websites, but does have it as "Vice Chairman John David" in at least one place. 

He does not use his last name due to the fact that, for years, online, I have posted many times that all you have to do is web search "John Infantino" to see that what I post about him is true. Though it would require a massive organization to handle all those properties - all around the world - that the Grande Organization web pages claim to be working on, and Infantino talks about his team on the Grande pages, John D. Infantino is the only man in that org.

Then there is a brownish-blonde haired woman identified as Alexia Budko, who is listed as "Vice President Global Investments" for Grande, and is seen in 5 of the 6 photos on the web page linked to on here. Alexia's body language tells a lot about her, with her looking less like a business executive and more like a trade show product display hostess who hands out brochures. I believe: she is Infantino's manipulated pawn for scams; the young lady is only doing her best to survive; is very, very much afraid of what might happen to her if punished for the crimes she is committing with Infantino; and Alexia's facial features, clothing style and name appears to be Russian/East European.

Below is a link to one of the Grande web pages with Infantino seen in photos. He is the one on the right in the top photo, and the one on the left in the bottom photo on the linked to page.