Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Infantino Maintains Phoney Ft. Howard Webpages

John David Infantino, the International Super Scammer who falsely declared himself to be a property developer who can do a successful job of redeveloping Maryland's Fort Howard Veterans Affairs Medical Center property, has lost a lawsuit to Doug Gansler the Maryland Attorney General; a lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of veterans who gave John D. Infantino deposits on future residences - the defunct Fort Howard Senior Housing Association Bayside at Fort Howard project - which Infantino said he was going to create at the Ft. Howard VAMC. And sometime near the time of the court case, John Infantino removed his website for his phoney Bayside at Ft. Howard project. I figure John David Infantino removed that Bayside website due to legal pressures levied against him in Maryland. 

Unfortunately, Infantino still maintains several websites with Bayside at Fort Howard listed as one of his successful projects and also as one of the numerous properties he (falsely) declares himself to be an Asset Manager/Property Manager of. His websites are all important parts of his international scams, because those websites are believed by millions of people world wide - even though the sites are 99.99% absolute lies. 

For about a month after Attorney General Gansler won that lawsuit, anytime I clicked on a link to the deleted Bayside at Fort Howard website, the Internet took me to a webpage saying something about that linked web address going nowhere. Today, I find that clicking on any published link for Bayside at Fort Howard, or by copying and pasting that link into a web address bar, the Internet takes you to John Infantino's Federal Asset Management website, where there is a listing on the "Projects" pages for Bayside at Ft Howard. It reads:

Bayside at Fort Howard - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager

Public Entity: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

PLANS http://fedassetmgmt.com/pdfs/plans/bayside_sitemap_0308.pdf

MORE INFORMATION http://www.baysidefthoward.com

And then there are several paragraphs about the (phoney) project. All carefully worded to confuse and convince potential scam victims of Infantino's to trust John Infantino in any property development deal; while also being worded to be able to help John Infantino beat any lawsuit or criminal fraud charges based on his Ft. Howard listing.

On Infantino's VetsUSA website he also still lists Ft. Howard as one of his jobs done well:



Infantino's Federal Group International website at:


has a link to his Federal Asset Management website at:


which has that Ft. Howard listing on it.

Seems to me that Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler and his investigators knew about Infantino's well known (in Maryland) and easily located Bayside at Ft. Howard website, but they do not know that the phoney Ft. Howard development project is still being used on other websites of Infantino's.  

John Infantino is clearly maintaining his websites, so why did he not take Ft. Howard off all of them?

Because it is all used in scams being done and done again and again - to victims all over the world. 

There is a John Infantino Bayside at Ft. Howard lawsuit press release on the Maryland Attorney General's Website:

AG Gansler: Developer of Unbuilt Retirement
Community for Veterans in Baltimore Co. Must
Reimburse Deposits to Applicants
Baltimore, MD (June 3, 2014)

The press release on that page ends with:

The settlement requires Infantino and his companies to pay restitution to all Bayside at Fort Howard applicants whose money has not yet been returned to them. They must also pay the Consumer Protection Division $2,500 for its costs investigating the matter and a $10,000 penalty, which may be reduced to $5,000 if all terms of the settlement are met.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Infantino's Tax Records Can Help Prove It

If any government entity or any investigator would investigate John Infantino's tax records, and see what Infantino is actually worth compared to what he says he is worth, to verify he has/has had only a few employees or none but him - when his numerous international LLCs' reported multimillion-dollar projects would require a lot of employees - that investigation will help prove that John D. Infantino most certainly is an International Super Scammer.

John Infantino Federal Development/Federal Africa/Federal Bulgaria/Federal Asset Management/etc. has issued many promises - all over the world - of how he was/is going to bring millions upon millions of dollars to numerous property development projects. But he has never completed any project. Because he has never intended to do more on any project than to create and publish preplanning materials. Because he knows how to manipulate people into loaning him or giving him big chunks of cash, with promised projects and his very own - ferociously falsified - web pages as business references. Because most people he deals with believe everything he says anywhere anyway he says it.

John D. Infantino has created a humongous, international, Ship of Fools, which he heartlessly commands.

How can I investigate John David Infantino's tax records?

If I can't, who can
investigate his tax records?

The tax records of John D. Infantino - Super Scammer.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Websites About John Infantino

Three websites with negative reports about John D. Infantino the International Super Scammer:

The Truth about Federal Development
the ugly truth about a Washington D.C. based real estate development firm…

This website was created to assist others in their research about John Infantino and Federal Development – his real estate development company.  If I’d had information like this readily available to me, I might not have gotten involved with Federal Development and could have saved myself considerable time, money and frustration.


Complaints Board

The first comment on Complaints Board has:

They employed some interns and never payed them. The company is not reliable and is based on lies with a Director, John INFANTINO, which is not able to assume his commitments.

Then there is a positive comment, which looks like an Infantino piece.

After that are comments by two former employees of John Infantino's Federal Development LLC. And they talk of how bad an employer Infantino is.


Comments on DCRP Jobs: Federal Development LLC Internships


Those three links do not lead to a huge pile of negative comments about John David Infantino. But you'll never find anything anywhere about John D. Infantino having gotten going real good on a project or having completed one. Except on his web pages, where he publishes mounds of lies that falsely declare Infantino to be a positive force working hard towards a better world for millions of people internationally. Just web search "John Infantino" to see.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

John Infantino Rarely Pays His Debts

More than a year ago, John Infantino declared bankruptcy - just three days before he lost on a lawsuit between him and Del Rey Oaks in California. Dealing with Infantino has been an exasperating ordeal for that city. Here is an excerpt from a news article about it:

Vanishing Act: Del Rey Oaks Would-Be Developer Goes Bankrupt, City Tries To Get Lawsuit Thrown Out

by Sara.Rubin

Del Rey Oaks has long since moved on from its jilted developer, Washington, D.C.-based Federal Development/JER Associates—but it looks unlikely they'll walk away with any money the city claims Federal owes.

In what's become a particularly Kafkaesque trial, Federal's own attorney quit the case Monday morning because he said representing Federal would put him at odds with the California Bar Association's code of ethics.

Meanwhile, Federal's gone bankrupt, meaning the entire case may get tossed. Federal merged with Delaware-based Bellmont Rock Holdings, LLC, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 22—three days before they were supposed to go to trial over the dispute with Del Rey Oaks.


Infantino may have merged his Federal Development LLC with Bellmont Rock Holdings LLC so that any news may come across as only saying it was Bellmont Rock Holdings LLC that went bankrupt. Infantino's Federal Development name is on the Internet in numerous places, including websites he produces, and he is known world wide for his Federal Development LLC. Both LLCs are registered in the tiny state of Delaware.

John Infantino travels the world telling lies. All told, on most continents, he's declared to millions of people that he would do billions-of-dollars worth of property development in many different communities. Unfortunately, he never has any intentions of doing - or ever does - any more than the preplanning presentations that it takes for his scams to get him piles-of-cash. Then off he will dash!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scammer Infantino's Headquarters Not Real

To run his international scams, John D. Infantino, along with the mostly non-existent employees of his numerous Limited Liability Corporations, rarely ever actually occupies any office spaces. Though he promotes his LLCs as multimillion dollar entities doing numerous property development and property/asset management jobs internationally. Infantino rarely really does anything he says he does.

The address he most recently uses for his international LLCs' headquarters is:

350 Fifth Avenue, 59th Floor
Empire State Building
New York, NY 10118

which is a virtual office. With a virtual office, there are a few people paid to answer phone calls, then take messages or forward the calls, they forward mail, and an office renter can use conference and other rooms for short periods of time. The office rooms are furnished & decorated in generic corporate office style, so as to be acceptable to multiple, concurrent, renters. No renters go to work there very often, because multiple companies rent it at the same time and it is staffed and maintained by a core group of the virtual office provider's employees. It is all about prestige, professionally provided with commercial convenience, at moderate prices.


Infantino's first listed main office that is actually a virtual office is:

The Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20004



John Infantino also uses:

2608 Erwin Rd
Suite 148-211
Durham, North Carolina 27705

which is a UPS Store. At first, you might think that John Infantino has a large set of office suites at 2608 Erwin, suites 148 to 211, as he would need lots of employees to do the massive amounts of work he falsely claims his LLCs do. Facts are, a UPS Store is in Suite 148 and Infantino has (or had?) that store's Private Mail Box 211.


There's nothing wrong with legit business folk using virtual offices and mail box addresses. Unfortunately, scam artists like Infantino are making victims out of the honest people who provide those legitimate services.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ft. Howard Preconstruction Survey

Bayside at Fort Howard Fall 2007 Preconstruction Survey

John D. Infantino's Bayside at Fort Howard web pages (recently removed from the web) contained a form for hopeful Bayside residents to download, print, fill out and send in - if they desired to buy a Bayside residence and/or marina boat slip instead of leasing them. The forms were to be sent to a Post Office Box. And from my many, many hours of doing Internet investigation of John Infantino, the only other use I've found for the P.O. Box was a residential lease Priority Application Form for hopeful Bayside residents to download, print, fill out and send in; to be sent in with a paper check paying for application fees of hundreds of dollars. That is very odd, in today's world of filling out forms online and paying by electronic transfer using bank/credit/debit card numbers.

Why print out and send to a P.O. Box?

I believe it is because an electronic trail is much easier for legal authorities to follow than a  paper trail. And Super Scammer John David Infantino is always doing things in ways to beat legit lawsuits and criminal charges against him in court. He knows he is a scam artist of massive proportion.

Both of those options to purchase property spaces on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property in Fort Howard, Maryland are a part of the - somewhat successful - actions of John David Infantino ripping-off large amounts of monies
& attempting to rip-off more from unsuspecting veterans and others. Infantino had no intention of ever actually developing anything on Ft. Howard.

Those future residences and the marina where never constructed, because the Veterans Administration cancelled their Ft. Howard lease with John Infantino. 

From the survey form:

Bayside is currently exploring the option of offering Condominiums or Life Estates based on interest expressed by Veterans. A Life Estate is the option to pay for ownership of a property for the remainder of your lifespan.

Bayside Senior Housing Associates
P.O. Box 33394
Washington, DC 20036


Sunday, July 13, 2014

John Infantino's Ship of Fools

Hardly anyone will take my word for it, and no one else seems to be doing any web searches to see that John D. Infantino was running over twenty scams - each being a multimillion dollar property development deal - all at about the same time. Because many people around the world are riding in a Ship of Fools - with John David Infantino at the command.

The following links are to some of the Internet published sites that my investigations have led me to, where you will find written pieces about John Infantino preplanning projects, signing leases, and making huge promises to millions of people internationally. You may web search John Infantino till your fingers upon the keyboard 'turn blue', and you will never find any Internet published writings about him actually developing any one of his multitudes of projects.

Had he gotten any going and finished, there will be World Wide Web published pieces about such welcomed successes.

I can publish more links to web pages about Infantino's lies (not known as lies to the people who wrote the pieces), if these are not enough to convince you that John David Infantino is an international scam artist. If the development projects represented were all there is to it, it's too much for one man rarely with any actual offices, few and often no employees, and nowhere near enough money, plus a profound lack of professional experience. The fact is, he hasn't the wherewithal to do property development projects.

August 18, 2005

Executive Correspondence - Letter from John Infantino, Chief Executive Manager, Federal Development, LLC to Chairman Principi and Commissioners dtd 18 Aug 05 regarding Fort Monmouth.

February 19, 2008 09:02 ET

Federal Development and Petrol Holding Announce Joint Venture for Mixed-Use Developments in Bulgaria

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - February 19, 2008) - Federal Development (FEDERAL), an international real estate development and asset management company, and Petrol Holding, a leading Bulgarian conglomerate, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to create a joint venture that will focus on developing mixed-use real estate opportunities in Bulgaria.

The new company, FEDERAL Bulgaria Management AD...

 "We are excited to be entering the Bulgarian market with Petrol Holding by our side," John Infantino, Chief Executive Officer of FEDERAL, said. "This collaboration will ensure financially strategic market plans and a creative, talented team that shares a vision to develop world-class, vibrant communities for people to live, work and play."

Port of Corpus Christi approves Preliminary Development

Agreement with Federal Development

July 10, 2008

Firm to serve as Master Developer of Naval Station Ingleside and adjacent property

(Corpus Christi, TX) --- The Port of Corpus Christi approved this week to engage Washington, D.C.-based Federal Development (FEDERAL) as the master developer of 1,009 acres in Ingleside. The property includes 576 acres at NavalStation Ingleside, which will revert to the Port in the fall of 2010.

Biz park names first tenants

June 25, 2009 10:00 pm  •  By CYNDY COLE Sun Staff Reporter
(0) Comments

A major business park proposed for Camp Navajo has recruited four tenants and will begin construction in March, said the company heading the project.

The park will be home to a solar panel manufacturer, a biomass plant, a sawmill and wood pellet business and a bottled water company for starters, said John Infantino, CEO of Federal Development International.

Real Estate Forum

Global Digest

Federal Development Unveils China Expansion

Federal Development LLC has entered into four partnerships to develop mixed use real estate throughout China. The multi-pronged project marks the Washington,DC-based firm's initial foray into the Chinese market.

"China is going to experience..." says John Infantino, chief executive officer of Federal Development.

May 9, 2008 Government and Politics

Federal Development, Sierra Academy And Merced County Announce Landmark Agreement With...
Merced – Federal Development (FEDERAL), an international real estate development and asset management company, Sierra Academy of Aeronautics and Merced County announced today that Alteon Training, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), has entered into a partnership with Sierra Academy to establish a joint flight-training program at Castle Commerce Center & Castle Airport in Atwater, Calif.,...

Cost of Castle business may go up

By Scott Jason ; The Merced Sun-Star (California) On May 17, 2007

CASTLE -- The private company set to revitalize Castle Airport Aviation and Development Center announced and then retracted a plan to charge maintenance fees to its businesses, as the proposal still needs county approval.

Federal Development Inc. sent a letter...
Federal's President John Infantino said a retraction letter...
The Washington, D.C.-based company will manage and invest in the center, while the county retains ownership of the land. The deal is expected to be before county officials next month.

Federal Development LLC interested in a tourism project for Saemangeum

Executives of U.S. property development compan Federal Development LLC, which has been pushing for a large-scale city development project in Yeongjong Island ...

During the visit on July 24, Jeollabuk-do Governor Kim Wan-joo met the three executives of Federal Development, including Chief Executive Officer John Infantino, and discussed the investment issue...

The Villages at Beaumont: Project to fuel Fort Bliss growth

By Vic Kolenc / El Paso Times

Posted:   05/02/2009 12:00:00 AM MDT

EL PASO -- A Washington, D.C., company is scheduled to begin work in June on a $200 million project that will transform a historic, but dilapidated 93 acres of Fort Bliss property near Beaumont Army Medical Center into a mixed-use development of apartments, offices and stores.

Federal Development, a privately held international real estate development company, plans to build 953 apartment units aimed at Fort Bliss soldiers but open to anyone, 150 apartments for retired military veterans, 404,000 square feet of office space and 114,600 square feet of retail space.

The project, named The Villages at Beaumont, is on land that begins at Dyer and Fred Wilson. It will be built in phases and will take five to 10 years to complete, said John Infantino, Federal Development CEO.

Villages at Beaumont project postponed again

By Vic Kolenc / El Paso Times

Posted:   10/11/2009 12:00:00 AM MDT

EL PASO -- Construction of a proposed $200 million mixed-use development of apartments, offices and stores near Beaumont Army Medical Center has been delayed again.
Longer-than-expected environmental studies of historic but dilapidated buildings on the 93-acre military site and a proposed change in the master plan to increase the number of apartments in the project prevented building demolition to begin in June as previously announced, said John Infantino, CEO of Federal Development. It's a privately held real estate development company in Washington, D.C.

Fort Bliss project lease canceled

By Vic Kolenc \ EL PASO TIMES

Posted:   07/16/2010 12:00:00 AM MDT

EL PASO -- A proposed $100 million-plus housing, office and retail project planned for 93 acres at Fort Bliss apparently is dead.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers canceled the 50-year lease on the Fort Bliss property with Federal Development, a Washington, D.C., company.

The company's chief executive said he would contest the lease cancellation.

The company missed project deadlines and had not secured "appropriate financing," according to a statement Thursday by the Army Corps of Engineers' office in Baltimore. 


Welcome to the Luri River Waterfront

After his company's unhappy experiences with an aborted projected in Iraq, John Infantino, the CEO of Federal Africa Development, went to Juba at the beginning of 2010 to propose an ambitious plan to build housing.

AG Gansler: Developer of Unbuilt Retirement Community for Veterans in Baltimore Co. Must Reimburse Deposits to Applicants After project halted, only prospective tenants who asked, complained got refunds

Baltimore, MD (June 3, 2014) - Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler announced today...


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ft. Howard Infantino Lawsuit Won Not Much

From the Maryland Attorney General's Website:

AG Gansler: Developer of Unbuilt Retirement
Community for Veterans in Baltimore Co. Must
Reimburse Deposits to Applicants
Baltimore, MD (June 3, 2014)

From it:

In order to apply to lease a rental unit, veterans had to submit an application packet and pay a "holder fee" of $500 for a single applicant or $750 for a joint application. A second deposit of either $1,500 or $2,250 was later collected from tenants to secure their residency.
The press release on that page ends with:

The settlement requires Infantino and his companies to pay restitution to all Bayside at Fort Howard applicants whose money has not yet been returned to them. They must also pay the Consumer Protection Division $2,500 for its costs investigating the matter and a $10,000 penalty, which may be reduced to $5,000 if all terms of the settlement are met.


This means little, because John D. Infantino owes a lot in other lawsuits against him that hasn't been paid; there are other lawsuits in the works not yet gone to court; there are many people around the world who also wish to - and have legitimate reasons to - sue John Infantino.

In the Ft. Howard situation, there may be no way to prove all the Ft. Howard application fees illegally paid to Infantino. If he doesn't want to. Because, on his Bayside at Ft. Howard website, which was taken offline shortly before the Maryland settlement recently being made and over 4-years after he lost the Ft. Howard VA lease, he had a print out application form that was mail in only with checks only. Checks sent to a Post Office Box in Washington D.C.. A P.O. Box near his virtual office in the renowned Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, strategically located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C..  A virtual office is not actually occupied full time by tenants. You best believe, in this modern world of online money transfers of bank funds, credit card and debit card payments, it is not a good sign that Infantino required paper checks for his Ft. Howard applicants paying deposit fees.

I cannot load PDF Files on here, so I will add photos of the PDF File Infantino offered of his Bayside at Fort Howard application form I downloaded from Infantino's Bayside website. And I can verify by the number of times I checked on it that his Bayside at Fort Howard website with the application fee send in form was up and running up until just weeks before Maryland Attorney General Gansler won his lawsuit against Infantino.

I do not see any future in expecting that all those unfortunate folks who were ripped off by Infantino in his Fort Howard Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property development scams will be reimbursed.

John David Infantino must be stopped and punished!

All it takes is a good web search of John Infantino to find all that I have learned about him. No one can prove me wrong.