Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ft. Howard Preconstruction Survey

Bayside at Fort Howard Fall 2007 Preconstruction Survey

John D. Infantino's Bayside at Fort Howard web pages (recently removed from the web) contained a form for hopeful Bayside residents to download, print, fill out and send in - if they desired to buy a Bayside residence and/or marina boat slip instead of leasing them. The forms were to be sent to a Post Office Box. And from my many, many hours of doing Internet investigation of John Infantino, the only other use I've found for the P.O. Box was a residential lease Priority Application Form for hopeful Bayside residents to download, print, fill out and send in; to be sent in with a paper check paying for application fees of hundreds of dollars. That is very odd, in today's world of filling out forms online and paying by electronic transfer using bank/credit/debit card numbers.

Why print out and send to a P.O. Box?

I believe it is because an electronic trail is much easier for legal authorities to follow than a  paper trail. And Super Scammer John David Infantino is always doing things in ways to beat legit lawsuits and criminal charges against him in court. He knows he is a scam artist of massive proportion.

Both of those options to purchase property spaces on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property in Fort Howard, Maryland are a part of the - somewhat successful - actions of John David Infantino ripping-off large amounts of monies
& attempting to rip-off more from unsuspecting veterans and others. Infantino had no intention of ever actually developing anything on Ft. Howard.

Those future residences and the marina where never constructed, because the Veterans Administration cancelled their Ft. Howard lease with John Infantino. 

From the survey form:

Bayside is currently exploring the option of offering Condominiums or Life Estates based on interest expressed by Veterans. A Life Estate is the option to pay for ownership of a property for the remainder of your lifespan.

Bayside Senior Housing Associates
P.O. Box 33394
Washington, DC 20036


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