Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Websites About John Infantino

Three websites with negative reports about John D. Infantino the International Super Scammer:

The Truth about Federal Development
the ugly truth about a Washington D.C. based real estate development firm…

This website was created to assist others in their research about John Infantino and Federal Development – his real estate development company.  If I’d had information like this readily available to me, I might not have gotten involved with Federal Development and could have saved myself considerable time, money and frustration.

Complaints Board

The first comment on Complaints Board has:

They employed some interns and never payed them. The company is not reliable and is based on lies with a Director, John INFANTINO, which is not able to assume his commitments.

Then there is a positive comment, which looks like an Infantino piece.

After that are comments by two former employees of John Infantino's Federal Development LLC. And they talk of how bad an employer Infantino is.

Comments on DCRP Jobs: Federal Development LLC Internships

Those three links do not lead to a huge pile of negative comments about John David Infantino. But you'll never find anything anywhere about John D. Infantino having gotten going real good on a project or having completed one. Except on his web pages, where he publishes mounds of lies that falsely declare Infantino to be a positive force working hard towards a better world for millions of people internationally. Just web search "John Infantino" to see.

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