Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scammer Infantino's Headquarters Not Real

To run his international scams, John D. Infantino, along with the mostly non-existent employees of his numerous Limited Liability Corporations, rarely ever actually occupies any office spaces. Though he promotes his LLCs as multimillion dollar entities doing numerous property development and property/asset management jobs internationally. Infantino rarely really does anything he says he does.

The address he most recently uses for his international LLCs' headquarters is:

350 Fifth Avenue, 59th Floor
Empire State Building
New York, NY 10118

which is a virtual office. With a virtual office, there are a few people paid to answer phone calls, then take messages or forward the calls, they forward mail, and an office renter can use conference and other rooms for short periods of time. The office rooms are furnished & decorated in generic corporate office style, so as to be acceptable to multiple, concurrent, renters. No renters go to work there very often, because multiple companies rent it at the same time and it is staffed and maintained by a core group of the virtual office provider's employees. It is all about prestige, professionally provided with commercial convenience, at moderate prices.

Infantino's first listed main office that is actually a virtual office is:

The Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20004

John Infantino also uses:

2608 Erwin Rd
Suite 148-211
Durham, North Carolina 27705

which is a UPS Store. At first, you might think that John Infantino has a large set of office suites at 2608 Erwin, suites 148 to 211, as he would need lots of employees to do the massive amounts of work he falsely claims his LLCs do. Facts are, a UPS Store is in Suite 148 and Infantino has (or had?) that store's Private Mail Box 211.

There's nothing wrong with legit business folk using virtual offices and mail box addresses. Unfortunately, scam artists like Infantino are making victims out of the honest people who provide those legitimate services.

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