Thursday, July 17, 2014

John Infantino Rarely Pays His Debts

More than a year ago, John Infantino declared bankruptcy - just three days before he lost on a lawsuit between him and Del Rey Oaks in California. Dealing with Infantino has been an exasperating ordeal for that city. Here is an excerpt from a news article about it:

Vanishing Act: Del Rey Oaks Would-Be Developer Goes Bankrupt, City Tries To Get Lawsuit Thrown Out

by Sara.Rubin

Del Rey Oaks has long since moved on from its jilted developer, Washington, D.C.-based Federal Development/JER Associates—but it looks unlikely they'll walk away with any money the city claims Federal owes.

In what's become a particularly Kafkaesque trial, Federal's own attorney quit the case Monday morning because he said representing Federal would put him at odds with the California Bar Association's code of ethics.

Meanwhile, Federal's gone bankrupt, meaning the entire case may get tossed. Federal merged with Delaware-based Bellmont Rock Holdings, LLC, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 22—three days before they were supposed to go to trial over the dispute with Del Rey Oaks.

Infantino may have merged his Federal Development LLC with Bellmont Rock Holdings LLC so that any news may come across as only saying it was Bellmont Rock Holdings LLC that went bankrupt. Infantino's Federal Development name is on the Internet in numerous places, including websites he produces, and he is known world wide for his Federal Development LLC. Both LLCs are registered in the tiny state of Delaware.

John Infantino travels the world telling lies. All told, on most continents, he's declared to millions of people that he would do billions-of-dollars worth of property development in many different communities. Unfortunately, he never has any intentions of doing - or ever does - any more than the preplanning presentations that it takes for his scams to get him piles-of-cash. Then off he will dash!

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