Sunday, January 26, 2014

Infantino's Federal Asset Management Website False List of Clients

If I do not reveal these piles of, John Infantino's, misinformation to a lot of people, then the only ones who will see the lies are people who will probably believe them to be true. And some of those people may become victims of International Super Scammer John Infantino Federal. It is reasonably doubtful that any of the entities listed below has ever had a successful relationship with John D. Infantino Federal. He fouled up some development projects so completely that no honest, capable developers have been able to make the development projects successful. Also, John David Infantino Federal is definitely not an Asset Manager or Property Manager for the places he says.

He does not have an actual company with the employees necessary to do even one of these jobs listed. And he was 'working' on 6 to 8 projects at the same time. That is, he was: making development project deals he'd not get much done on; signing leases he could never live up to; convincing governments and corporations to be his project partners;  he was making loans from unsuspecting partners and others - loans never to be paid back; he was racking up expenses and not paying those debts; then he slipped away to his next set of victims. After that, he often makes up lame excuses for the deals being taken back from him.

Were the artworks used for his published plans commissioned by and created with John Infantino Federal? Or are some of them being illegally used by Infantino? If they were commissioned by him, did Infantino Federal pay those who helped create the plans and artworks?

This list of plans is on John Infantino's website Federal Asset Management, which is fairly new with a 2013 copyright date. 

What is in italics is from that website:

United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home -  Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Armed Forces Retirement Homes, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

AT&T Wireless - Merced Ca Federal Asset Manager's Role: Property Manager
Public Entity: AT&T Wireless

Bayside at Fort Howard - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The facts are, the Ft. Howard deal was taken back from Infantino in 2009. See this:

Beaumont Villages Ft. Bliss Tx  -  Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: U.S. Army

Infantino Federal lost that Beaumont lease in 2010; see this:

Boing  - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Boing Company

FEDERAL Caribbean

Castle Commerce Center - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: County of Merced, U.S. Air Force

Columbia Residential Center - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager Public Entity: Safeway, Inc.

The City of Medicine Center - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Development Manager/Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
MORE INFORMATION (goes to Infantino created website for his Federal Parking incantation)

The Resort at Del Rey Oaks - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager Public Entity: City of Del Rey Oaks, U.S. Department of Defense
MORE INFORMATION  (goes to a 2008 Federal Group International website)

John Infantino Federal lost the Del Rey deal 4 or 5 years ago, and there are lawsuits about it; see this:

Shanghai and Huangshan China - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager Public Entity: Government of China

Incheon International Airport Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Government of South Korea
PLANS (goes to a crappy looking satellite photo)

Ingleside - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Jeju Island, South Korea - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: Republic of Korea, Jeju Development Corporation
PLANS (goes to nothing more than an aerial photo)

Miramar Creek - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: National Guard Bureau, Florida Army National Guard, US Army, US Army Corps of Engineers
MORE INFORMATION (goes to 2008 Federal Development website for the project)

India International Airport - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: International Investment Partners

Camp Navajo - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Arizona National Guard

New Carrolton - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Inland Northwest Science and Technology Center - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: City of Spokane
PLANS (goes to INSTC Concept Spokane, Wa.)

Philadelphia VA Medical Center - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Philadelphia VA Medical Center

Rock Island - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Rogers Avenue - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: State of Maryland, Maryland Transit Administration

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: Merced County

Stanley Hall - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager 
Public Entity: Armed Forces retirement Home, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, District of Columbia Public Schools

Saint Paul's College - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Saint Paul's College

University of California, Merced - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Property Manager 
Public Entity: University of California
PLANS (goes to one photo of a building)
MORE INFORMATION (goes to Merced County County website  - you will not find any Infantino info on the site)

Venice, Italy - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Nicelli SpA and the Municipality of Venice

Zhenjiang, China - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager 
Public Entity: Municipality of Zhenjiang
PLANS (goes to Guyang Lake Site Plan)

Friday, January 24, 2014

John Infantino Federal Group International's Listed Community Partners

Below are international scam artist John Infantino's Federal Group International's - self published - list of "Community Partners." I seriously doubt that any single one of the companies listed is a current partner with John D. Infantino Federal. Some probably never were. Any who were, probably wish they had never heard of John David Infantino of Federal LLC this and that. Infantino is using the FGI Community Partners list as a set of professional references.

Actually, it's for bait in the purpose of drawing in and ensnaring future victims of his ever going international scams. I do not imagine any of the companies being aware of how their good names are being abused by John Infantino.

I hope they realize what Infantino is doing, and they each publicly denounce it. Then force Infantino to cease shoring up his scams with his lies about the honest businesses listed below this paragraph:  

Federal Community Partners is a private real estate development and asset management company based in Washington, DC, New York, and Kansas City, Missouri that specializes in the development of master-planned residential communities in emerging markets. Federal Community Partners ventures with international governments, private land owners, charitable organizations,and international financial institutions. The Federal Community Partners global development team is based in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Development team members include:  

Structura Technologies International 

Boogertman + Partners Architects


Davis Langdon, an AECOM company 

Tetra Tech

The Louis Berger Group 

The Pam Golding Property Group


Nixon Peabody

Marsh McLennan Agency LLC

Western Forms

You can find the info listed on this blog post by following this link: 

Federal Community Partners

On that page, you then go to:

Learn more about Federal Community Partners at

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Infantino's Federal Design Group (FDG published) Affiliations

Below are most of international scam artist John Infantino's Federal Design Group's - self published - list of corporate affiliations. I seriously doubt that any single one of the companies listed has a current affiliation with John D. Infantino Federal. Some probably never did. Any who did, probably wish they had never heard of John David Infantino of Federal LLC this and that. There are several on the list not in this post, because the FDG website's entry of them each has a broken link. I only have the linked ones on here. 

Infantino is using the FDG Affiliations list as a set of professional references. 

Actually, it's for bait in the purpose of drawing in and ensnaring future victims of his ever going international scams. 

I do not imagine any of the corporations being aware of how their good names are being abused by John Infantino. I hope they realize what Infantino is doing, and they each publicly denounce it. Then force Infantino to cease shoring up his scams with his lies about these honest businesses:


Allen+Philip Architects

Arrington Watkins Architects

Boogertman + Partners (Pty) Ltd

ICF International


Orcutt | Winslow


STOA International Architects, Inc.

SPS+ Architects 

Abell & Associates Architects, Ltd.

S Architectural Team

RT Consult Ltd

The FDG Affiliations webpage is at:

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Ft. Howard VAMC Developers Not Experienced

The VA has chosen Timothy Munshell and Carl Williams to soon sign a deal on Ft. Howard VAMC development. I have been investigating them online. There is nothing published about any successes of theirs, only articles about one serious failure. Do not take my word on this. Do a web search of their names. One thing you'll find is this:

John Infantino's Main Offices Barely Exist

John D. Infantino Federal's main offices barely exist. They are virtual offices. There is nothing drastically wrong with using a virtual office to honestly promote and provide real and reliable goods and/or services. It is a little like families who have in their homes a rarely used, well furnished and nicely decorated living room for the purpose of not having everyone who enters their home see how the family relaxes and aren't so particular on neatness in their family room outback or downstairs. But, when a virtual office is employed by a virtual company that neither possess the number of employees or mounds of monies required to provide the goods and/or services the company promises to potential and/or paying clients, then it all amounts to a scam deluxe.

I have no reason to feel or believe that those folks who maintain or maintained John D. Infantino's virtual offices have ever been aware that they are pawns in an international game of cheat 'um chess. A serious game of life, in which the objective of the game is not to checkmate the opponent but to bamboozle unsuspecting governments, wealthy corporations, media outlets and local populations all over the whole wide world. That's governments and wealthy corporations run by people who are intent on doing excellent jobs at improving the lives of tens of thousands of people in need of healthy community construction projects being developed for them. Tens of thousands of people who are ready, willing and able to work hard on those projects, pay fair prices for future homes and commercial spaces created by the projects, and live family centric, law abiding lives in their fully developing communities.

One of John Infantino Federal's current virtual offices used on his websites is:

Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue, 59th Floor
New York, NY 10118

At you will find:

Empire State Building

$75.00/month ONE MONTH FREE!
350 Fifth Avenue

New York City, NY 10118

1.888.VOFFICE (1.888.863.3423)

Cross Streets: Between 33rd & 34th streets. Between 5th & 6th Avenues.

This Virtual Office Package Includes:
    Local professional business address
    Use of address for business cards, licensing, website, etc.
    Mail Receipt
    Mail forwarding (additional fee)
    Lobby greeter to welcome your walk-in clients
    Access to network of over 3000 meeting spaces worldwide (pricing may vary by location)
    Business Support Center (additional fee)
    Client drop off/pick up point
    Conference rooms – varies by location, avg $25-$45/hr

Infantino Federal also uses:

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20004

Source Office Suites at the renowned Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, strategically located on Pennsylvania Avenue, is just blocks from the White House, the Capitol, the Old Post Office Pavilion, and countless landmarks located along the mall. The Federal Triangle Metro station is located on building grounds, and the Metro Center station is one block away, providing access to the Orange, Blue, and Red Lines. The building offers the highest level of professionalism, security and elegance. We present state of the art facilities to perfectly complement the high standard of excellence this building has achieved, with a stunning lobby to contemporary meeting and conference rooms. We offer fully furnished offices and in-suite restrooms and kitchen. The building has a tended lobby with 24 hour security and underground parking at monthly, daily, or hourly rates. Contact us. Come tour the center and meet our professional staff!

Virtual Office
Contact Us:

Our Business Identity Program is your virtual office solution. We offer flexible, innovative options for home-based, start-up, mobile worker or growing businesses. Whether spending the day on the road or in the home office, our services are customized to meet the needs of the business professional. From professional reception and mail forwarding to part-time office space, our Business Identity Program is an affordable alternative for anyone who wishes to have a professional presence without a full-time office.

It is our pleasure to help you create a cost-effective solution to meet your business needs.  Explore and request information on the many options and services Source Office Suites offers or schedule a tour of our facilities by clicking here.

Full Service Plan

    Live, professional and efficient screening of your telephone calls from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays
    Personal telephone number
    Voicemail box providing 24/7 message retrieval capability
    Professional business address for mail and package delivery
    4 hours reciprocal conference room or guest office use


Customize a program that meets your individual needs, including:
    Call patching (up to 100 calls per month/per person/per one local number)
    Additional voicemail box(es)
    Phone answering / voicemail services for additional individual(s)
    Voicemail paging service
    High-speed internet access at each center
    Mail delivery confirmation
    Administrative support
    Mail forwarding service (postage, supplies, and time)

The following virtual office used by John Infantino Federal Super Scammer has been closed, but is still listed on numerous Infantino Federal web pages:

District Of Columbia, Washington - M Street (CLOSED 15.11.13)
2300 M Street, NW
Suite 800
Washington, District of Columbia 20037
United States

 Mailbox Plus - US$129
Telephone Answering - US$219
Virtual Office - US$279
Virtual Office Plus - US$399

Looking for virtual offices in DC
    Use one of our great addresses as your own
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    All virtually! No need for a full time office

Virtual Office - Combine a great address and personalised phone answering together for the ultimate package.
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Compare Virtual Office Packages

Help me find what I need     Virtual Office Plus     Virtual Office     Telephone answering     Mailbox Plus
    Use of a prestigious business address for business correspondence
    Virtual Office              
    Mail collection and handling
    Local phone number
    Personal receptionist and customized telephone answering service
    Private office time per month
    40 hours     16 hours      
    Voicemail box            
    Incoming and outgoing faxes              
    Unlimited access to Regus business lounges & cafes worldwide                  
    Preferred rates on office equipment, supplies and shipping services
        Optional Services
    Mail forwarding service              
    Company lobby/building directory listing            
    Call screening and redirecting services            
    Conference room access    
    Administrative assistance & support

That is some nicely presented information on virtual office services. Virtual offices are something akin to photo retouching to make professional photography models look better in advertisements. Business people touching up their commercial image. You decide for yourself what the honesty factor is on those two touch-up styles. For me, it isn't totally honest to make people and businesses appear to be a little better than they are by using touch-up techniques, but it is normal, 21st Century life. I accept that. But when that is used as leverage to lift up a scam artist into the lives of the scammer's victims, the virtual office service people are unwittingly victimized by the scams.

Infantino's New "Federal Group International" Website

John Infantino Federal - International Super Scammer/Stinking Pile of Shit - has a new website, copyrighted 2013, for his horrendously bogus Federal Group International that contains the following set of links (Some links work, but the projects were never completed, some links go to sites by John Infantino, and other links are dead. Because Infantino knows that hardly anyone, anywhere, anytime ever checks up on what he says is so.):

To learn more about representative projects supported by Federal Group corporate services, click here (on the FGI website, click here goes to

Projects supported by Federal Group corporate services:

List of Projects

Liberty City (Juba, South Sudan)
(Click the News & Photos link - see that there are only posts from 2010; if it was actually happening, there would be posts showing the progress.)

Bulgaria Development Partnership (Bulgaria)
(Click on the News link; the 4 posts are from 2008; if it was actually happening, there would be posts showing news of progress.)

Chad Houses (N’Djamena, Chad)
(click on the News link - the posts are from 2009 & 2010 - if it was actually happening, there would be posts showing the progress) 

Ukraine Housing (various locations throughout Ukraine)
(Dead link. And John D. Infantino would probably rather be dead than sent back to the Ukraine - after I finally make the world realize what the infamous Mr. Infantino Federal is.)

City of Medicine Center Garage (Durham, North Carolina)
(Goes to an Infantino site for Federal Parking, not the garage that he falsely claims to be under his control.)

Rock Island Weddings (Moline, Illinois)
(I am doing research on this one.)

Miramar Creek (Broward County, Florida)
(This is bogus. Web research on this one only brings up Infantino's page on it. A legitimate project has much more about it published online.)

The Villages at Beaumont (El Paso, Texas)
(Infantino lost the lease to this years ago.) 

Rogers Avenue Transit-Oriented Development (Baltimore, Maryland)
(Not Infantino's at all. Click on the Rogers Ave website's Contact link, and you will see Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, 9600 Northpoint Road, Fort Howard, MD 21052 - which is my local Veterans Medical Center. Infantino had one, tiny office there, with one employee, who had very little work to do.) 

Bayside at Fort Howard (Baltimore County, Maryland)
(An absolute scam, and very personal to me. Because I have received health care there and might be living there happily today if Infantino hadn't used it to scam big monies.) 

Federal Management (global development management services) 
(The site has disappeared, and it was a complete, scam promoting fabrication of John David Infantino.)

You won't find the Federal Management website anymore. But a web search located this link:

Federal Management, Inc.: a California corporation

Federal Management, Inc. company profile. Includes information about John Infantino, and ** Resigned On 02/24/2010.

Federal Management, Inc.

Federal Management, Inc. was a corporation registered in the state of California.
It was a domestic corporation, meaning it was formed, as well as registered, in California. Its articles of incorporation were filed on April 26, 2007.
All of Federal Management, Inc.'s powers, rights and privileges in the State of California have been suspended. This could have happened because they failed to file a return and/or pay taxes to the California Franchise Tax Board, or because they failed to make certain informational filings with the California Secretary of State. The specific reason for this suspension can be found by ordering a status report from the Secretary of State.
Federal Management, Inc. was a for-profit entity.

Just follow the links. And contact some of the entities linked to, or the local government or a newspaper that is published close to where the list says is one of Infantino's successful ventures. I have already done that for a few, and the info I gather says John D. Infantino Federal is a stinking, heartless scammer.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

John Infantino Federal Bulgaria Video

That fellow up there in the video is an International Super Scammer. He has hurt people, and crippled communities, all over the globe. He always claims to have tons of experience in creating and managing massive, mixed-use property developments world-wide. But it is all lies. I am waging a retaliatory war against that sack of human waste in the video - John David Infantino of Federal whatever. He started with Federal Development LLC, and has also added Federal Bulgaria (the video is about that incantation of his), Federal Africa Development (I do believe they'd like to give him the ol' machete treatment there), Federal Group International, and so on to his latest: Federal Asset Management.

If you do a web search for John Infantino Federal, you will locate links to numerous news articles - from international sources - that either tell of John D. Infantino making humongous deals to develop properties or stories about him not getting anything developed and loosing the leases. There are NONE that tell of him actually developing his projects.

In several of the blog posts posted earlier than this one, on here, you can read about many of the projects listed on his websites as being successes. Some projects, he was fired from, others he never had a damned thing to do with. A - stomach churning - amount of them are names and descriptions of redeveloped places and completed projects that the damages from his scamming kept from ever happening. Promises of jobs (never created), homes (never built), commercial places (never established), infrastructure improvements (unimproved), lives (not) changed for the better. The numbers of each are unimaginable, but as real as crimes can be.

I cannot stop him and bring him to justice alone. I have contacted hundreds of people/governments/businesses/news media/other entities - nationally here in the USA and internationally world wide - who possess good reason to join in the fight against Infantino. But very few do anything. Even the ones who John Infantino uses as (false) good references on his self promoting websites and in his spoken conversations and written communications with current and potential/future victims of his scamming. This includes the US Department of Veterans Affairs, The US Army Corps of Engineers, US Governors, US Senators, US Congress Members, Foreign Premiers/Prime Ministers/Kings/Governors/Senators/Emirs/etcetera.

It's 'driving me off the deep end': John Infantino Federal's continuing, unpunished for, scams; the way he, simply, is never opposed by the majority of people/governments/businesses/news media/other entities he has included in his scam creations. I will not allow this to reinforce severe, often debilitating, depression that has dogged me for decades. When I get to the edge of the deep end, I'll be there with lots of help throwing John Infantino Federal off of it - into his, fully earned, long prison term.

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Public Trust - An International Scam Artist's Virtual Creation

Similar to how skilled magicians, performing card tricks, fool people into picking the card that a magician's illusion requires, John David Infantino uses his family's (non-existent) company First Public Trust as the basis of all his scams. I will wager anything that he has taught it to a few others like this:

First, get the Public to Trust you, then scam the living daylights out of them! 

From back in 2004, when I first learned of John Infantino Federal Development LLC being the property developer tapped to take over and redevelop my local Fort Howard Veterans Affairs Medical Center, I have periodically done Internet searches on him (he lost that VA property lease in 2009). Throughout the years since '04, during my investigative World Wide Web searches for info on John D. Infantino, there have been a small number of hits on websites containing statements saying that John David Infantino has a very successful, nearly 60-year, history of working with his family's business First Public Trust (FPT).

I am adequately adept at online searching in pursuit of investigative goals. The only webpages I have ever found with First Public Trust FPT info on them are either publications created and posted by John Infantino, or webpages repeating what he has created. Infantino uses his - alleged - FPT history to convince potential 'clients' to hire him and one of his Federal LLC entities for major property development projects.

Therefore, I say that there is not now, or ever has been, a real company named "First Public Trust."  FPT, like all of John D. Infantino's companies, is a virtual invention of John David Infantino's - which he employs in his global crimes of running international scams. 

Full documentation of his First Public Trust mistruths can be located in his online brochure titled, "Federal Development LLC Public / Private Real Estate Development and Asset Management Statement of Qualifications." You have to go to page 36 - First Public Trust An affiliate of Federal Development LLC - to see the beginning of that passel of horrendous lies. It lists 20 Residential and Commercial Developments, which Infantino claims to be successful projects that he has been a principal partner in. Were this true, various published articles about the inception to completion of those projects would talk about John Infantino's positive work there.

Infantino's First Public Trust lies were used in the Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. See them here:

And also in a document from the City of Livermore Falls, California. On page 3 of the Livermore document, it lists 8 development teams who submitted proposals for a project there. Federal Development is in that list, and that leads to - on page 128 - info about Completed Projects, First Public Trust, An Affiliate of Federal Development LLC. Then, on the next page, it has: The wholly-owned subsidiaries of First Public Trust and its affiliate the Infantino Group of Independent Builders have been managed by family principals for over five decades.

A web search for the "Infantino Group of Independent Builders" yields two links back to that Livermore document, and one link to the (previously linked) copy of it on The Truth about Federal Development - the ugly truth about a Washington, D.C. based real estate development firm.

If anyone, anywhere can prove me incorrect in saying that neither "First Public Trust (FPT)" nor the "Infantino Group of Independent Builders" are anymore than virtual creations by John D. Infantino - as invisible manure helping him nurture his international scams - please do so in comments to this blog post.