Friday, January 24, 2014

John Infantino Federal Group International's Listed Community Partners

Below are international scam artist John Infantino's Federal Group International's - self published - list of "Community Partners." I seriously doubt that any single one of the companies listed is a current partner with John D. Infantino Federal. Some probably never were. Any who were, probably wish they had never heard of John David Infantino of Federal LLC this and that. Infantino is using the FGI Community Partners list as a set of professional references.

Actually, it's for bait in the purpose of drawing in and ensnaring future victims of his ever going international scams. I do not imagine any of the companies being aware of how their good names are being abused by John Infantino.

I hope they realize what Infantino is doing, and they each publicly denounce it. Then force Infantino to cease shoring up his scams with his lies about the honest businesses listed below this paragraph:  

Federal Community Partners is a private real estate development and asset management company based in Washington, DC, New York, and Kansas City, Missouri that specializes in the development of master-planned residential communities in emerging markets. Federal Community Partners ventures with international governments, private land owners, charitable organizations,and international financial institutions. The Federal Community Partners global development team is based in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Development team members include:  

Structura Technologies International 

Boogertman + Partners Architects


Davis Langdon, an AECOM company 

Tetra Tech

The Louis Berger Group 

The Pam Golding Property Group


Nixon Peabody

Marsh McLennan Agency LLC

Western Forms

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Federal Community Partners

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