Wednesday, January 15, 2014

John Infantino Federal Bulgaria Video

That fellow up there in the video is an International Super Scammer. He has hurt people, and crippled communities, all over the globe. He always claims to have tons of experience in creating and managing massive, mixed-use property developments world-wide. But it is all lies. I am waging a retaliatory war against that sack of human waste in the video - John David Infantino of Federal whatever. He started with Federal Development LLC, and has also added Federal Bulgaria (the video is about that incantation of his), Federal Africa Development (I do believe they'd like to give him the ol' machete treatment there), Federal Group International, and so on to his latest: Federal Asset Management.

If you do a web search for John Infantino Federal, you will locate links to numerous news articles - from international sources - that either tell of John D. Infantino making humongous deals to develop properties or stories about him not getting anything developed and loosing the leases. There are NONE that tell of him actually developing his projects.

In several of the blog posts posted earlier than this one, on here, you can read about many of the projects listed on his websites as being successes. Some projects, he was fired from, others he never had a damned thing to do with. A - stomach churning - amount of them are names and descriptions of redeveloped places and completed projects that the damages from his scamming kept from ever happening. Promises of jobs (never created), homes (never built), commercial places (never established), infrastructure improvements (unimproved), lives (not) changed for the better. The numbers of each are unimaginable, but as real as crimes can be.

I cannot stop him and bring him to justice alone. I have contacted hundreds of people/governments/businesses/news media/other entities - nationally here in the USA and internationally world wide - who possess good reason to join in the fight against Infantino. But very few do anything. Even the ones who John Infantino uses as (false) good references on his self promoting websites and in his spoken conversations and written communications with current and potential/future victims of his scamming. This includes the US Department of Veterans Affairs, The US Army Corps of Engineers, US Governors, US Senators, US Congress Members, Foreign Premiers/Prime Ministers/Kings/Governors/Senators/Emirs/etcetera.

It's 'driving me off the deep end': John Infantino Federal's continuing, unpunished for, scams; the way he, simply, is never opposed by the majority of people/governments/businesses/news media/other entities he has included in his scam creations. I will not allow this to reinforce severe, often debilitating, depression that has dogged me for decades. When I get to the edge of the deep end, I'll be there with lots of help throwing John Infantino Federal off of it - into his, fully earned, long prison term.

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