Monday, January 6, 2014

First Public Trust - An International Scam Artist's Virtual Creation

Similar to how skilled magicians, performing card tricks, fool people into picking the card that a magician's illusion requires, John David Infantino uses his family's (non-existent) company First Public Trust as the basis of all his scams. I will wager anything that he has taught it to a few others like this:

First, get the Public to Trust you, then scam the living daylights out of them! 

From back in 2004, when I first learned of John Infantino Federal Development LLC being the property developer tapped to take over and redevelop my local Fort Howard Veterans Affairs Medical Center, I have periodically done Internet searches on him (he lost that VA property lease in 2009). Throughout the years since '04, during my investigative World Wide Web searches for info on John D. Infantino, there have been a small number of hits on websites containing statements saying that John David Infantino has a very successful, nearly 60-year, history of working with his family's business First Public Trust (FPT).

I am adequately adept at online searching in pursuit of investigative goals. The only webpages I have ever found with First Public Trust FPT info on them are either publications created and posted by John Infantino, or webpages repeating what he has created. Infantino uses his - alleged - FPT history to convince potential 'clients' to hire him and one of his Federal LLC entities for major property development projects.

Therefore, I say that there is not now, or ever has been, a real company named "First Public Trust."  FPT, like all of John D. Infantino's companies, is a virtual invention of John David Infantino's - which he employs in his global crimes of running international scams. 

Full documentation of his First Public Trust mistruths can be located in his online brochure titled, "Federal Development LLC Public / Private Real Estate Development and Asset Management Statement of Qualifications." You have to go to page 36 - First Public Trust An affiliate of Federal Development LLC - to see the beginning of that passel of horrendous lies. It lists 20 Residential and Commercial Developments, which Infantino claims to be successful projects that he has been a principal partner in. Were this true, various published articles about the inception to completion of those projects would talk about John Infantino's positive work there.

Infantino's First Public Trust lies were used in the Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. See them here:

And also in a document from the City of Livermore Falls, California. On page 3 of the Livermore document, it lists 8 development teams who submitted proposals for a project there. Federal Development is in that list, and that leads to - on page 128 - info about Completed Projects, First Public Trust, An Affiliate of Federal Development LLC. Then, on the next page, it has: The wholly-owned subsidiaries of First Public Trust and its affiliate the Infantino Group of Independent Builders have been managed by family principals for over five decades.

A web search for the "Infantino Group of Independent Builders" yields two links back to that Livermore document, and one link to the (previously linked) copy of it on The Truth about Federal Development - the ugly truth about a Washington, D.C. based real estate development firm.

If anyone, anywhere can prove me incorrect in saying that neither "First Public Trust (FPT)" nor the "Infantino Group of Independent Builders" are anymore than virtual creations by John D. Infantino - as invisible manure helping him nurture his international scams - please do so in comments to this blog post.

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