Monday, December 23, 2013

Stunning List Of Properties Used For Infantino's Scams

John Infantino is an International Scammer. He's messed up lives all over the world - Thousands? Hundreds of Thousands? Millions? We need to find out. I have been gathering loads of info on him.

From Infantino's Federal Development published pdf brochure Statement of Qualifications, below is a list of properties John Infantino puts forth on the World Wide Web as those that his company is a Master Developer / Property Manager of, or are Completed Projects by him. I know he did not do so for his listing of my local Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Fort Howard, Maryland - where I have been a patient. Infantino created and published elaborate plans for that VAMC Property, had a ground breaking ceremony with powerful politicians and VA officials attending, then he abandoned the project. Which has left my favorite VAMC to mostly rot away. The same has happened to some of the places in the following lists. Others, he had nothing to do with at all.

Throughout the past 5 or 6 years, I have done several intense web searches a year on John Infantino. 99.99% of what is written about him by other people is of him being a scammer. And I have only been able to learn the names of two other people who are or were employees of Federal Development, LLC. The company is nothing more than a virtual entity mostly maintained solely by Infantino. 

During the past several days, I have emailed hundreds of people around the world about what I am doing here against Infantino. More information on his - lowlife scammer - way of life has come to me from within the USA and from foreign countries.

John Infantino may very well be the most accomplished con artist ever. He might be the most massively destructive individual in history, when it comes to messing up other peoples' lives and crippling communites without waging armed war against them. He is a Super Scammer. 

Below is a stunning list of properties all across the USA and further.

The brochure does not have a copyright or other date in it. I believe it is 5 to 7 years old.

This is a long list, and one humongous lie. Note how many are U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Properties.

Master Development Of Large Public Real Estate Assets Current Projects

(Claims to be Master Developer / Property Manager of the following)

Bayside at Fort Howard Baltimore County, MD Public Entity: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Use: Senior Housing, Outpatient VA Clinic, Retail, Marina Size: 100 Acres 1,800,000 gsf Estimated Cost: $240,000,000

New Carrollton Transit-Oriented Development Prince Georges County, MD Public Entity: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Use: Residential, Retail, Office, Hotel Size:10.3 acres / Up to 3,000,000 gsf Estimated Cost: Up to $350,000,000

Rogers Avenue Transit-Oriented Development Baltimore, MD Public Entity: Maryland TransitAdministration Use: Residential – Apartments & Townhomes Size: 9 acres / 215,000 gsf Estimated Cost: $25,000,000 

The Resort at Del Rey Oaks Del Rey Oaks, Monterey County, CA Development Profile: Public Entities: City of Del Rey Oaks & U.S. Dept. of Defense Use: Mixed-Use Development Size: 400 Acres 2.3 million gsf Estimated Cost: $575,000,000 

Castle Commerce Center Atwater, Merced County, CA

The Villages at Beaumont Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX

Camp Navajo Industrial Park Bellemont, AZ 

Monmouth Pointe Fort Monmouth, NJ 

City of Medicine Center Durham, NC 

Snake Creek National Guard Readiness Center

Miramar, FL Inland Northwest Science and Technology Center Spokane, WA

Antigua-Barbuda Resort Complex Leeward Islands, Eastern Caribbean 

Nicelli Airport at Venice-Lido Venice-Lido, Italy

Asset Management Of Public Real Estate Assets Current Projects

Fort Howard VA Campus

Castle Aviation Park

Fort Bliss

Completed Projects

City of Medicine Center Garage Durham, NC United States Department of Veterans Affairs

City of Medicine Center Medical Research Building Durham, NC United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Stanley Hall Historic Renovation Washington, DC Armed Forces Retirement Home

Columbia Residences & Safeway Arlington County, VA  Safeway, Inc. & Summit Properties

United States Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home/AFRH Armed Forces Retirement Home, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  Washington, DC

USSAH/AFRH Asset Management

San Diego VA Medical Center

San Francisco VA Medical Center

Philadelphia VA Medical Center

Infantino has a website copyrighted 2013, which lists some of the properties that are in the brochure along with several more located in foreign countries.  I will do a post on that website's list later. You can see it by clicking the "Projects" button on Federal Asset Management

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