Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 2013 Infantino International Scammer Info Email

I am sending out copies of the following email. I am leaving in the links back to this website, in case you need to make copies of this and share them:

John Infantino International Scammer

John Infantino is an International Scammer. He's messed up lives all over the world - Thousands? Hundreds of Thousands? Millions? We need to find out.

I have been gathering loads of info on him. He has so many Federal this and that LLC names - with superbly constructed websites - it's taking me hours and hours and days to locate and count the ones I've found websites for. He has self promoting web pages on 8 - 10 business promo type websites, where lots of people are listed. His site Federal Asset Management ( ) contains a page listing numerous places around the globe where he claims to be a property and/or asset manager on successful projects. If he was in the website business, building them for others, he'd make a comfortable living. I know he isn't what he says on most of them, and I intend to investigate and report on the facts of each one. If he did any good anywhere, I'll tell about that too. Any web savvy, well trained and experienced investigator will take at least one full work day to find and confirm what I have.

He ripped off my local veterans community here in Baltimore and still maintains a website "Bayside at Ft. Howard"  for his plans, and there is a page ( ) on there for sending in deposits ( ) on future homes he said he'd build at the Fort Howard, Maryland VAMC for American Military Veterans. He lost that lease in 2009. And his newest websites are copyrighted 2013.

My blog "The Way That I See It Is..." ( ) has fresh posts about what I'm doing now against Infantino. He must be stopped and stomped on. I intend to give the world a great gift = John Infantino's head on a platter and backside in a red hot skillet.

This war requires all the help I can get from anywhere it comes. The entire truth about him must to be dug up from everywhere it sets, and be shared worldwide. People need to know how far and wide he has scammed people. All together - we will womp him down to where he deserves to be.

I have been contacting foreign embassies in Washington DC, governments and elected officials across the USA and around the world, media entities, companies Infantino claims as partners, and more.

The most recent news is that Federal went bankrupt ( ).

He must be stopped and stomped on.

WEBSEARCH HIS NAME ALONG WITH THE WORD FEDERAL, and see what I am talking about.


Photography and Writings by
David Robert Crews {a.k.a. ursusdave}


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