Tuesday, December 17, 2013

International Scam Artist Must Be Stopped

The company named Federal Development LLC, Federal Asset Management LLC, and other LLC names presents itself as a successful property development and management firm, but is a complete scam. Simply do a web search for Federal Development and John Infantino, and you will easily see. He has been scamming and hurting people all around the world. You will not find one news article about his projects being completed. All media about him tells of what he says he is going to do, and maybe about a ground breaking ceremony. Except for what Infantino writes, nothing is on the World Wide Web about him ever completing a project. He has never completed anything his web sites say he will or has.

On Infantino's websites, he consistently declares that he got his start in a family business named First Public Trust - FPT - a "real estate management firm which incorporates a 60-year history of developing over twenty master-planned communities on the East Coast and the Midwest."  BUT! For several years, I have periodically web searched for info on FPT; there is not one bit of FPT info on the Internet - anywhere!

I am a writer and photographer in Baltimore, Maryland doing an investigation and story on John Infantino & Federal Development LLC - Federal Asset Management ( http://fedassetmgmt.com/ ) and his use of a supposed projects world wide. Websites, which Infantino maintains,  put forth the idea that he is a successful partner in various international property development projects. Infantino is using numerous projects around the world as examples of why his company should be hired, but not one project has been completed by him. Some, he had nothing to do with and/or were never begun by anyone.

He got us here in Maryland by promising to rebuild our local Ft. Howard VAMC, but he did little more than take veterans' monies for deposits on future homes and some of those vets had their lives messed up in the process. Some got their deposits back - not all - and some sold their long-time homes to be able to move to Ft. Howard. Infantino Federal Development, LLC, held a lease that was terminated in 2009 after a protracted lack of progress on the project. Now, four years later, he still maintains a website for it - Bayside at Ft. Howard ( http://www.baysidefthoward.com/ ),  which has a page for sending in deposits for housing applications ( http://www.baysidefthoward.com/application/application.htm ). That causes me to suspect that he is still taking deposits from American Military Veterans and others.

John Infantino has info on his websites about other veteran and even active duty military housing community projects he declares to be working on, but he isn't doing anything good and right.

I have been working on this off and on for years, and Infantino must be stopped. He is messing up lives all over the world. He is an international fraud. Yet he puts forth the idea that he and various partners are doing well together on numerous projects.

I am hoping people, companies, governments, towns, cities, counties, etc. who are falsely declared to be satisfied in their working partnerships with Infantino will force him to stop using their names as a good reference.

I wish to see international news media outlets publish fully investigated stories on what he is doing.

John Infantino is in a lawsuit with Del Rey Oaks, California ( http://www.montereyherald.com/localnews/ci_24673079/del-rey-oaks-still-trying-get-legal-fight ) and yet he maintains websites saying his Del Rey Oaks project is going great.

John Infantino must be stepped on and squashed. I am asking anyone and everyone to help end his internationally fraudulent activities and World Wide Web Con Games.

I have been collecting a lot of information about the harm he's done. I shall publish that soon. For now, all you have to do is web search his name along with the name Federal Development.

John Infantino Federal Development

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