Sunday, February 26, 2017

May 2016 Drone Video of Ft Howard VAMC & County Park

Excellent, drone video of what we - who love Ft. Howard - are working and fighting to preserve for American Military Veterans. The May 2016 video shows most of the Fort Howard, Maryland, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Property, along with Baltimore County Fort Howard Park next to it. The VA property's abandoned appearance shows on the buildings. You can see most of the horrifying arson damages. A few healthy Osprey, too. The park's, concrete, former U.S. Army Coastal Artillery fortifications are featured, also. 

You will see: straight down the Chesapeake Bay to the Bay Bridge; out onto the Patapsco River; Anne Arundel County shoreline; briefly, the Key Bridge; the Ft. Howard civilian neighborhood; and a horizon view of Sparrows Point - where the steel mills were and Tradepoint Atlantic is redeveloping the area. The video being shot in springtime, trees are full of life.

Watch it in HD. The Youtube video is named "Return to Fort Howard" by Dirty Bird.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

John Infantino Declares to New Scam Victims His Lost "Bayside at Ft Howard" Project Is A Success

For his current - Grande - scam, John David Infantino is, as usual for his scams' business references, saying he has an outstanding record of real estate successes world wide. Including our lost Bayside at Ft. Howard project. I have received a bunch of PDF files Infantino sent to an international investment councilor who had contacted me about John David's new scam The Grande Organization.

Many times in many places, I have posted online that all you have to do to find info on the facts of John Infantino's life of scams is web search that name, or his full name John David Infantino. Consequently, except for his "References" PDF - where he uses old & highly questionable letters of reference - he does not use Infantino anywhere - I have seen - on his Grande Organization scam web pages or other PDF files.

Below is a link to one of the PDF files, which contains many of the same old false claims for real estate projects Infantino claims to be his successes, but it is all lies. In it he uses Bayside, the lost Ft. Howard VAMC veterans focused community he scammed many of us out of, but not its full name "Bayside at Fort Howard"; because he does not want his scam's potential victims web searching about Ft. Howard. In this scam PDF document, he does not admit he was the (phony) developer who lost the lease, instead he declares he was the lender/investor for a successful project. From page 6, here is the entry:

Bayside – Several historic structures in coastal Maryland were rehabilitated for reuse as senior living facilities and community amenities. The single-family residential buildings were built in 1901 as officers’ quarters, each comprising approximately 3,400 sf on three above-grade levels and a basement. Value is $1,500,000. Role was lender/investor.

Further down, on page 29, you will see the following text, plus 9 photos of Ft. Howard VAMC buildings and property:

State of Maryland Property Management Portfolio 

TGO/FPT (The Grande Organization/First Public Trust) provides a variety of property management services including global ability to master plan, market, manage, and enhance the value of real estate assets, including preparation of expanded environmental assessments on existing structures and properties. The company also provides portfolio asset management and forecasting, strategic consultancy, financial reporting and repatriation of monies across currencies and borders, as well as a technology platform accessible throughout the world. 

Maryland Portfolio: 37 historic buildings/197,500 gsf of office, retail, institutional, and medical-related buildings.

Years ago, from a previous Infantino scam, I web searched and searched most of the real estate names used in this new scam PDF document, and they are either not Infantino's or non-existent:

That stuff on that there PDF document is one huge, heaping, mind bending pile of bullshit. Quite artfully done, I must say!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First Fort Howard VAMC Scammer John David Infantino Using Virtual Offices For New Scam

For his current - Grande - scam, John David Infantino is, as usual for his company addresses, using virtual offices again. Virtual offices are actual office spaces that are where telephone & mail communications go to be rerouted out to renters, and spaces can be used on an hourly basis when a renter needs to meet with clients there. Numerous renters use the same office spaces, which they rarely physically occupy, and the rental service provides all furnishings - including generic wall decorations. Virtual offices Infantino uses are always in prestigious buildings.

I have received a bunch of PDF files Infantino sent to an international investment councilor who had contacted me about John David's new scam The Grande Organization.

Here is a link to one of the PDF files, which contains many of the same old false claims for real estate projects Infantino claims to be his successes, but it is all lies:

Below are the virtual addresses listed on that PDF file above:

The Americas
The Seagram Building
375 Park Avenue
26th Floor, Suite 2607
New York, NY 10152
T: +1 212 634 7470
F: +1 212 634 7474
Skype: GrandeOrg.Americas

You too can set up a virtual office there at this link:

International Finance Center
Tower 2, 8 Century Avenue
36th Floor, Suite 36329
Pudong, Shanghai 200120
T: +86 21 6062 6329
F: +86 21 6062 6399
WeChat: TGO-Asia

You too can set up a virtual office there at this link:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good Businesses Do Not Respond To Being Used By John Infantino In His Ft. Howard Scam

John David Infantino still has his bogus Bayside at Fort Howard website up. He is using it as a reference to convince potential victims of his scams that he has a successful project going on Ft. Howard. He may also be using it to take more housing deposits - for the fake project - from scam victims. The site lists several legit businesses as actively working on the project, all of whom I emailed about this weeks ago, but they refuse to acknowledge me. They therefore are permitting their good names to be used to scam people. Two have humongous lawsuits against Infantino. They all are: 

Development Team

Master Developer: Federal Development LLC 
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Planner: STV Incorporated
Architect: Kann & Associates (now Kann Partners)
Landscape Designer: STV Incorporated
Civil Engineering: STV Incorporated
MEP Engineer: GHT Limited

The lawsuits:

Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil System
Case Number: 24C09007222
Judgment Against:
Fort Howard Senior Housing Associates, LLC
Judgment in Favor of:
STV Incorporated,
Judgment Entered Date: 11/16/2009
Amount of Judgment: $987,957.65

Judgment Against:
Federal Development, LLC
Judgment in Favor of:
STV Incorporated,
Judgment Entered Date: 11/16/2009
Amount of Judgment: $604,497.40

Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil System
Case Number: 24C09005473
Judgment Against:
Federal Developement LLC
Fort Howard Senior Housing Associates, LLC
Federal El Paso Associates LLC
Judgment in Favor of:
Kann And Associates Inc,
Judgment Entered Date: 12/15/2011
Amount of Judgment: $746,895.86

Ain't that a bitch!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ft. Howard VAMC Office Building & Promissory Note Was For Sale - What's it Mean!?!

I'm feakin' flabbergasted! I'm not sure what this means. I just found a listing on a commercial real estate website where a promissory note and office building had been for sale at auction, at 9600 North Point Road - the Ft. Howard Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property. It has a satellite photo of the VA property with a red marker pointing to the VA Medical Clinic building. The listing is from October 2014, but the clinic was in use until April 2016. 

At the top of the page it says, "This Office Property is Off-Market." 

The listing says:

"Ft. Howard Promissory Note For Sale
Price N/A Property Use Type Vacant/Owner-User
Building Size 135,000 SF Building Class A
Property Type Office Lot Size 94.60 AC
Property Sub-type Office Building More... 

The asset being sold (at auction) consists of the payee' s interest in a Promissory Note from Ft. Howard Development, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company, to American Life Capital, LLC, a Connecticut limited liability company, in the face amount of $6,250,000, and related collateral (collectively the Note ). The listed price is the minimum bid price for the asset at the auction. 


I need a real estate professional to explain this. 

Did Ft. Howard Development Tim Munshell receive six million dollars or a portion of from American Life Capital? 

Munshell holds the lease to the Ft. Howard VAMC property, but I do not believe he can sell an onsite building? 

Was the auction just for the payee's interest and the real estate website software added the office building because it can't comprehend promissory note?  

What is it all about?

Here is the listing:

John Infantino Sued the United States

John Infantino sued the United States. Though he owes $1,142,960.00 (details below). Typical Infantino, he never has what it takes to do a project - his work is always a scam - then he blames it on someone or something else. He declares he would have done the Ft. Howard VAMC development project if Baltimore County and the Ft. Howard area residents had allowed him to build 1,400 housing units. He claims any fewer and he can't make money off it. 

Below is a link to the court record, in which you can see that Infantino owes $313,328.45 for VA property rents, a $126,530.00 electric bill, $3,101.55 for water & sewer services, along with the VA spending $700,000 in legal fees for the startup work on the Ft. Howard project (at the PDF document linked to hit ctrl + f for find and place $ in that search box):

John Infantino's New Scam Sites

An investment guy in China contacted me about John David Infantino. Infantino has completely reworked his scamming with a new set of websites. He does not use his full name anywhere on them, and only has it as John David in one or two places. Because I consistently posted online that all you have to do is web search his name to see what he does. The Chinese investor sent me a lot of materials Infantino is giving to investors. He worked closely with Infantino in at least one meeting, and had several phone conversations with him. The Chinese fellow and I had a good talk on the phone, and now he and his clients will not loose any money to Infantino.

The Chinese investor told me he had spoken on the phone with Infantino a number of times, had been in a business meeting with him, and never saw John get angry or cuss until he told him over the phone that he was in communication with me and would not commit to making investments in Infantino's (phony) projects until he spoke with me on the phone. Infantino got all shook up and angry, and said,"OH! THAT ASSHOLE!!"

I told the Chinese fellow, "Hearing that made my day, no, made my year." I knew Infantino had to be reading what I put online about him, but he can't sue or make formal complaints - because I tell the truth. I won't be seeing any monetary reward from the Chinese man for saving him a lot of money and his reputation too - I looked him over online and he is a good investment guy - so I'll have to be satisfied with the reward being that I finally got to hear how much I get to International Super Scammer John David Infantino.

Here is a link to his incredible new scam sites, where everything is Grande - remember - it is all lies:

Friday, February 3, 2017

International Property Developer Con Man

The world needs President of the United States Donald J. Trump - a most accomplished real estate developer - to give a few minutes of his time to inform the entire world that John David Infantino neither is an actual property developer nor property manager, though John D. Infantino is extremely adept at fraudulently promoting himself to be one. John Infantino has - on a massive, world wide scale - engineered billions of dollars worth of tremendous losses to millions of people.

Some of those scams were run on United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center properties. Causing severe loses to many veterans.

To the countries and communities where Mr. Infantino has run or is running one of his scams: you are requested & encouraged to investigate what the infamous John D Infantino did to you and yours, legally charge him for his criminal activity that caused so much damages to you and yours, and to seek recourse against Infantino, by informing the entire world that the crimes occurred and you will prosecute that fraud to the full extent of local, state, national, international laws.

To everyone else, be aware of what John D. Infantino is, and that he certainly will run scams until he is charged, tried for, convicted of and imprisoned for his criminal activities.

I suggest Mr.Trump saying something to this effect:

"As newly elected President, in accordance with applicable presidential powers I now possess and hold close to my heart, I hereby order American local, state, national, international justice systems, where John David Infantino has been or is engaged in his international "super scamming",  to investigate, make a record of - sharing the results with the public - and charge John D. Infantino with those crimes.

The world media should now spread word of this as far and wide as you possibly can. When everyone sees what the in depth investigations bring to light, you too will want to see John Infantino in prisons for the rest of his life.

Losses that his frauds created, will be negatively affecting millions of people for the rest of their lives.

A full investigation must be made, written and published including many personal stories of what people lost. Some people sold their homes thinking they would move into Infantino's new home sites. And on and on.

Get John David Infantino."

A few minutes of that, rewritten and edited to fully express how the president and his staff communicate with the world, and President Trump will - to solid degrees in numerous ways  - be earning respect and much thanks from millions of people.

Thank you.

To understand John Infantino's scams better, see the well organized and presented results of hundreds of hours of research, writing, photography and publishing on my blog at: