Friday, February 10, 2017

John Infantino Sued the United States

John Infantino sued the United States. Though he owes $1,142,960.00 (details below). Typical Infantino, he never has what it takes to do a project - his work is always a scam - then he blames it on someone or something else. He declares he would have done the Ft. Howard VAMC development project if Baltimore County and the Ft. Howard area residents had allowed him to build 1,400 housing units. He claims any fewer and he can't make money off it. 

Below is a link to the court record, in which you can see that Infantino owes $313,328.45 for VA property rents, a $126,530.00 electric bill, $3,101.55 for water & sewer services, along with the VA spending $700,000 in legal fees for the startup work on the Ft. Howard project (at the PDF document linked to hit ctrl + f for find and place $ in that search box):

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