Friday, February 3, 2017

International Property Developer Con Man

The world needs President of the United States Donald J. Trump - a most accomplished real estate developer - to give a few minutes of his time to inform the entire world that John David Infantino neither is an actual property developer nor property manager, though John D. Infantino is extremely adept at fraudulently promoting himself to be one. John Infantino has - on a massive, world wide scale - engineered billions of dollars worth of tremendous losses to millions of people.

Some of those scams were run on United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center properties. Causing severe loses to many veterans.

To the countries and communities where Mr. Infantino has run or is running one of his scams: you are requested & encouraged to investigate what the infamous John D Infantino did to you and yours, legally charge him for his criminal activity that caused so much damages to you and yours, and to seek recourse against Infantino, by informing the entire world that the crimes occurred and you will prosecute that fraud to the full extent of local, state, national, international laws.

To everyone else, be aware of what John D. Infantino is, and that he certainly will run scams until he is charged, tried for, convicted of and imprisoned for his criminal activities.

I suggest Mr.Trump saying something to this effect:

"As newly elected President, in accordance with applicable presidential powers I now possess and hold close to my heart, I hereby order American local, state, national, international justice systems, where John David Infantino has been or is engaged in his international "super scamming",  to investigate, make a record of - sharing the results with the public - and charge John D. Infantino with those crimes.

The world media should now spread word of this as far and wide as you possibly can. When everyone sees what the in depth investigations bring to light, you too will want to see John Infantino in prisons for the rest of his life.

Losses that his frauds created, will be negatively affecting millions of people for the rest of their lives.

A full investigation must be made, written and published including many personal stories of what people lost. Some people sold their homes thinking they would move into Infantino's new home sites. And on and on.

Get John David Infantino."

A few minutes of that, rewritten and edited to fully express how the president and his staff communicate with the world, and President Trump will - to solid degrees in numerous ways  - be earning respect and much thanks from millions of people.

Thank you.

To understand John Infantino's scams better, see the well organized and presented results of hundreds of hours of research, writing, photography and publishing on my blog at:

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