Thursday, February 23, 2017

John Infantino Declares to New Scam Victims His Lost "Bayside at Ft Howard" Project Is A Success

For his current - Grande - scam, John David Infantino is, as usual for his scams' business references, saying he has an outstanding record of real estate successes world wide. Including our lost Bayside at Ft. Howard project. I have received a bunch of PDF files Infantino sent to an international investment councilor who had contacted me about John David's new scam The Grande Organization.

Many times in many places, I have posted online that all you have to do to find info on the facts of John Infantino's life of scams is web search that name, or his full name John David Infantino. Consequently, except for his "References" PDF - where he uses old & highly questionable letters of reference - he does not use Infantino anywhere - I have seen - on his Grande Organization scam web pages or other PDF files.

Below is a link to one of the PDF files, which contains many of the same old false claims for real estate projects Infantino claims to be his successes, but it is all lies. In it he uses Bayside, the lost Ft. Howard VAMC veterans focused community he scammed many of us out of, but not its full name "Bayside at Fort Howard"; because he does not want his scam's potential victims web searching about Ft. Howard. In this scam PDF document, he does not admit he was the (phony) developer who lost the lease, instead he declares he was the lender/investor for a successful project. From page 6, here is the entry:

Bayside – Several historic structures in coastal Maryland were rehabilitated for reuse as senior living facilities and community amenities. The single-family residential buildings were built in 1901 as officers’ quarters, each comprising approximately 3,400 sf on three above-grade levels and a basement. Value is $1,500,000. Role was lender/investor.

Further down, on page 29, you will see the following text, plus 9 photos of Ft. Howard VAMC buildings and property:

State of Maryland Property Management Portfolio 

TGO/FPT (The Grande Organization/First Public Trust) provides a variety of property management services including global ability to master plan, market, manage, and enhance the value of real estate assets, including preparation of expanded environmental assessments on existing structures and properties. The company also provides portfolio asset management and forecasting, strategic consultancy, financial reporting and repatriation of monies across currencies and borders, as well as a technology platform accessible throughout the world. 

Maryland Portfolio: 37 historic buildings/197,500 gsf of office, retail, institutional, and medical-related buildings.

Years ago, from a previous Infantino scam, I web searched and searched most of the real estate names used in this new scam PDF document, and they are either not Infantino's or non-existent:

That stuff on that there PDF document is one huge, heaping, mind bending pile of bullshit. Quite artfully done, I must say!

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