Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First Fort Howard VAMC Scammer John David Infantino Using Virtual Offices For New Scam

For his current - Grande - scam, John David Infantino is, as usual for his company addresses, using virtual offices again. Virtual offices are actual office spaces that are where telephone & mail communications go to be rerouted out to renters, and spaces can be used on an hourly basis when a renter needs to meet with clients there. Numerous renters use the same office spaces, which they rarely physically occupy, and the rental service provides all furnishings - including generic wall decorations. Virtual offices Infantino uses are always in prestigious buildings.

I have received a bunch of PDF files Infantino sent to an international investment councilor who had contacted me about John David's new scam The Grande Organization.

Here is a link to one of the PDF files, which contains many of the same old false claims for real estate projects Infantino claims to be his successes, but it is all lies:


Below are the virtual addresses listed on that PDF file above:

The Americas
The Seagram Building
375 Park Avenue
26th Floor, Suite 2607
New York, NY 10152
T: +1 212 634 7470
F: +1 212 634 7474
Skype: GrandeOrg.Americas
Email: inquiry-usa@the-grande-org.com

You too can set up a virtual office there at this link:

International Finance Center
Tower 2, 8 Century Avenue
36th Floor, Suite 36329
Pudong, Shanghai 200120
T: +86 21 6062 6329
F: +86 21 6062 6399
WeChat: TGO-Asia
Email: inquiry-asia@the-grande-org.com

You too can set up a virtual office there at this link:

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