Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sharon Osbourne Is A Great Broad

In the parlance of my father's generation of men who love women, Sharon Osbourne is definitely in the top 10 of great broads for all time. She is a superb woman. I luv 'er.

Sharon Osbourne

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Patten Maine Wikipedia Page

I was just on the Wikipedia page for Patten Maine. You probly know that Wikipedia is the free Internet encyclopedia. But did you know that you can edit pages on there? You can add good stuff about Patten on its Wiki page or good stuff about any other town on that town’s Wiki page. You can tell what it's like there today, what it was yesterday, and what your town has planned for tomorrow. That Patten Wiki page sure needs some local Patten area outdoors activities info on it.

I live in Dundalk, Maryland and if you go to our page on Wikipedia then you can see how it is done for a small town type Wiki page. Just go to Wikipedia and search there for Dundalk, Maryland, then look at Patten, then any other town you may know about and see what they have on their Wiki page.

The Patten Wiki page came up today as the first result in a web search for "Patten Maine" on the Verizon Yahoo search engine. It is a good page to make good and intended use of.

I know there has to be plenty of good folks out there who know how to handle sprucin' up a Wiki page or two.

You can add pages for any town around and for all kindsa other things too--like something about old collectable and restorable snowmobiles, but it has to be done in good taste or it is removed. We had a thing put on the Dundalk Wiki page that was done in bad taste so someone removed it.

This is also a chance for the Indian Tribes of Maine to show on their tribes' own Wiki pages what their lives and histories and future are as they see it. All Mainers have an opportunity here to help put together great Wiki pages about their home areas and about all that they love and have to offer in and around their hometowns.

This is a great chance for Patten Maine and the surrounding townships and all of Maine to get some free and honest promotion as the superb, and down to earth, outdoors activities area that it is today.