Friday, December 22, 2017

Ft. Howard VA Development Scams Not Only a Federal Issue

I realize Fort Howard VAMC property development is mostly a federal issue, but the two individual con men - John David Infantino - Timothy Stewart Munshell - cheated and lied to many people on many levels. Some of their debt to investors whom they ripped off is in the state records. These are just the amounts owed by Ft Howard 'developers' to the few who have taken them to court in Maryland:


Equals= $1,808,793.69 in losses by Maryland companies who mistook the Ft. Howard scammers to be actual developers. This is only what we can find on the Maryland court case website, there must be debts not registered in Maryland courts and then it is the same for at least 30-40 other jurisdictions world wide. 

Then there are unpaid fines against them, which I do not know how to locate the records of.  

Here are 4 settlements owed to some who thought Ft Howard development was worth investing in:

Case Number: 03C15005904
Judgment Entered Date: 02/03/2017
Status Date: 11/08/2017
Amount: $100,000.00
Book Page:
Far Hydrant L L C
Client Services L L C
Ft Howard Development L L C
Judgment Comments: subject to the terms of the parties agreement as read into the records Case 

Case Number: 03C15012025
Judgment Entered Date: 03/17/2017
Status Date: 11/08/2017
Amount: $357,370.43
Book Page:
Far Hydrant L L C
Smith Gildea & Schmidt L L C
Ft Howard Development L L C
Judgment Comments: Plus interest and cost

Case Number: 03C12006447
Judgment Entered Date: 11/15/2013
Amount: $68,950.00
Book Page:
B & R Construction Services L L C
Ft Howard Management Services L L C
Judgment Comments: plus costs and post-Judgment interest at the legal rate

Case Number: 24C09005473
Judgment Entered Date: 12/15/2011
Amount: $746,895.86
Book Page:
Kann And Associates Inc
Federal Developement LLC
Fort Howard Senior Housing Associates, LLC
Federal El Paso Associates LLC
Judgment Comments: jointly and severally

Case Number: 24C09007222
Judgment Entered Date: 11/16/2009
Amount: $604,497.40
Book Page:
STV Incorporated
Federal Development, LLC
Judgment Comments: plus any pre-judgment interest, post-judgment interest, court costs, attorneys' fees to the extent not already included.

John Infantino International Conman Must Be Stopped & Punished

John Infantino held the lease to Ft. Howard VAMC property - sacred grounds he had promised to develop into a veterans community. He never possesses what is required to do that work. His only intentions and actions towards completing the project were to use its lease as leverage to pry loose 'investment' monies from where ever he could. Had John done what he said he would, there'd be a nice little veterans based community thriving on Fort Howard VA grounds. 

Infantino has scammed many people in many places - all around the world. He continues to do so with his humongous Grande Invest scam. Nothing on those extensive & expertly created web pages is real. Except where to deliver multi-millions-of-dollars of 'investment' capital into his control, which the investors will never see a penny of again.

I have over a thousand hours of research, investigation, writing and publishing online laying out the facts of John Infantino being an International Super Scammer. As I shared the facts online, I have repeatedly contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs, federal, state & local elected officials, media all over the globe - in places where Infantino runs scams, I have contacted two foreign embassies and went to the Chinese Embassy in D.C. - Infantino's Grande Org is based out of China, but none do anything about him. He knows full well that China publicly executes certain criminals, and Infantino's cheating some Chinese on such multi-million dollar fake projects - as John uses in his scams - might be enough to get him shot by a firing squad.

I do not know what I am going to do next about this, but I am not giving up until everyone concerned admits that Infantino has conned many - anyone can be conned - and John David Infantino is punished with penitentiary time for as long as he can be held in every community he has ever screwed up - by his scams.

$1,000.00 to anyone who proves me wrong.

See some of my proof is on this blog at:

Ft. Howard VAMC Development Not Going to Happen

Ft. Howard VAMC property development is not going to happen - while Tim Munshell holds the lease. Department of Veterans Affairs must admit they have been conned by Tim Munshell's proposed development of the Fort Howard VA. Munshell never possesses what is required to do the work. He just uses his lease on the property to try leveraging 'investment' monies from where he might - but he never has secured any real funding and is currently hiding out someplace without any substantial working funds to his name.

$1,000.00 to anyone who proves me wrong.

See some of my proof on this blog:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Could Have Easily Draft Dodged Over Into Canada

My official notice to go take pre-induction tests for the Army came during the summer of 1969. I knew that some American men were avoiding the draft by going to Canada. I do not hold it against them for going, considering how our society was all screwed up over the Vietnam War. Since then, some men who got us into the war have said it was not right. I do, though, object to the draft dodgers having been allowed back into our country. I was 19-yrs-old in '69, and Canada was 35 miles from where I was working as a Bear Hunting Guide, in the Patten, Maine area - at my Korean War Vet Uncle's Katahdin Lodge. My Uncle Finley Kenneth Clarke won a Silver Star and a Bronze Star for his actions in combat.
Every Friday, I drove one of the Lodge's trucks to the end of I 95 North, and as I drove onto the last exit in the USA, I could see the border crossing station a short distance away. My task was to pick up bear bait - 55 gallon drums full of slaughterhouse leftovers - at a meat processing plant there on the edge of Houlton, Me.. I could have parked the truck there and walked to Canada in 5 minutes. Anytime I drove out of the Lodge's driveway by myself, I could have been to the border in an easy 40 minutes. 
I chose not to do that, because I could not leave my family & friends, deeply wounding some and angering most, and to leave my country. I thought of all those guys in my age group who were in and going to be in the US Military - many drafted against their will. The thousands of other guys at the Baltimore Civic Center Rolling Stones Shows and other Rock concerts I attended, how much great fun we had, the other teens on the boardwalk of Ocean City, all the guys and girls from all the high schools I'd shared laughs and great times with. I could not turn my back on all those whom I cared so deeply for by going to Canada. I stand by that - thoroughly thought out in 1969 - decision today.
I would have had an easy time getting work in Canada, back then. I was good & honest at - and enjoyed the challenges and accomplishments of - working well with shovels, rakes, brooms, lawnmowers, weed trimmers, firearm safety & uses, people of many types, showing out of towners good times where I lived & worked, I was good at handling a farm tractor - learning to handle it first when I moved snow off the Lodge's driveway for over 36-hrs out in a blizzard (only a few 15-min breaks), I was way above average at driving trucks and cars on every kind of paved or unpaved road - especially in rough weather, all done with a solid dose of humor, rarely over the edge of safe living. And I was wanting to learn more and experience more in life 
 I split a lot of wood and loved it. 

My Uncle Finley is looking at the camera, I am facing away from it. The other 2 men are from the Lodge's paying guests (bear hunters) who are enjoying being out of their city and volunteering to help clean up after I split and stacked 19 cord of wood during the previous 2 weeks. 
In the background, that is my favorite vehicle to drive of all times. A '68 Chevy truck with a straight six, 290 cu in motor, 4 speed shifter on the floor with a granny gear (1st gear is very slow and high torque for heavy loads), and all around all season snow/mud tires on heavy duty rims. 
Gary Glidden (top notch Maine Guide), Finley and I did the bear tracking, then skinned what we retrieved from the North Maine Woods. That Bear Season of 1969, our Katahdin Lodge hunters killed over 50% of the bears taken in Maine. I was the youngest and by far the least experienced of the Lodge's 3 guides, but I was key to the highly successful season - including how much fun everyone had at the Lodge. The backwoods/out in the country farmland humor endemic amongst the Mainers was flyin', flipin', wonderful. 
My Aunt Marty had local Maine women working with her in the Lodge's kitchen and on housekeeping. It was all good by them. Marty is on the left, can't recall the next gal's name, then there is Gary's wife Cathy - making funny faces - they did not believe my camera was taking photos because I wasn't using a flash - that is Chuck the local Air Base stationed Airman friend of Fin & Marty's, and I think that other woman was Chuck's fiancee. We all had great times at that table with many other peoples - eating, drinking, talking, laughing, playing Cribbage and other card games but no gambling, Yatzee was popular, etc.. 

 I was a suburban raised boy who got right into snowshoeing out in the woods.

Five of us caught those trout. did not get to fish much in Maine and wanted to do it a lot more and eat the fish, too. At the Lodge, we ate those fish, and all winter we ate a lot of venison, but not when paying guests were there because it was against the law to use wild game meat for commercial cooking.

I was good at snowmobile riding, too.

 At a Patten, Me. birthday party. That's me second from the left, and right in with them country women I love so much.

My family from Maryland visiting us at the Lodge. Left to rt - my mother, me, dad, sister Jeanmarie, Uncle Finley's wife Aunt Martha.

That is me on the left, next to my work partner Gary Glidden (top notch Maine Guide), with bears our paying hunters had harvested. There are a lot of hunting lodges in Canada, but I would not have tried for employment at any. The type of Americans who went hunting there were the kind of people who were against war protesters and draft dodgers, and completely supportive of - and sometimes veterans of - American Military Personnel. 

Besides, I have always wanted to guide groups of people who include ladies my age - on outdoors adventures based upon camping, canoeing, swimming, wading - (as a teen, I had completed 5 levels of Red Cross Swimming and Safety Courses), hiking, photography (I was trained in and worked as a photographer in the Army), snowmobiling, dirt biking, 4-wheel driving, etc., out in the wonderful woodlands where the air is clean and clear night skies are infinitely deep with bright stars & glowing planets.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Infantino's GrandeInvest website's About Page is Garbage

On - International Super Scammer - John David Infantino's GrandeInvest website's About page, down near the bottom and under the title "About GrandeInvest & The Grande Organization," is a very well written, promotional pile of garbage. You have to see it to understand how adeptly Infantino lies.

Below that are the terms of use, the small print, where John D. Infantino is way ahead of his Grande investors/scam victims. Whom Infantino will never pay back any money to. He lays it out that none of their international investments are protected by The Securities and Exchange Commission or any rules or laws at all, and the investors should be able to withstand the loss of their Grande investments and remain being wealthy.

At the very bottom of the page, you will see that Infantino has 27 names for all the (fake) development projects Grande has going. Not a one does he actually have going. It is all lies and deceit.

Photos of John David Infantino on Grande Scam Websites

On John David Infantino's Grande websites, there are many photographs, but I only found two photos there that have him in them. I point these out to help prove that he is the person working those Grande scams. Infantino does not have his last name on any of those websites, but does have it as "Vice Chairman John David" in at least one place. 

He does not use his last name due to the fact that, for years, online, I have posted many times that all you have to do is web search "John Infantino" to see that what I post about him is true. Though it would require a massive organization to handle all those properties - all around the world - that the Grande Organization web pages claim to be working on, and Infantino talks about his team on the Grande pages, John D. Infantino is the only man in that org.

Then there is a brownish-blonde haired woman identified as Alexia Budko, who is listed as "Vice President Global Investments" for Grande, and is seen in 5 of the 6 photos on the web page linked to on here. Alexia's body language tells a lot about her, with her looking less like a business executive and more like a trade show product display hostess who hands out brochures. I believe: she is Infantino's manipulated pawn for scams; the young lady is only doing her best to survive; is very, very much afraid of what might happen to her if punished for the crimes she is committing with Infantino; and Alexia's facial features, clothing style and name appears to be Russian/East European.

Below is a link to one of the Grande web pages with Infantino seen in photos. He is the one on the right in the top photo, and the one on the left in the bottom photo on the linked to page.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fort Howard Timothy Munshell Court Info Update - He Owes A Lot

Tim Munshell still holds the lease to the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property in Ft. Howard, Baltimore County, Maryland. He has recently lost two lawsuits, plus a lost case from 11/15/2013, along with one from 2014. That is four - known - unpaid debts pertaining to Ft. Howard and resulting from Munshell not having what it takes to do the development project promised & legally agreed to for the property. Court records indicate he has not satisfied any of these debts, and has been ordered to pay:

$68,950.00 to B & R Construction Services L L C
$100,000.00 to Client Services L L C
$357,370.43 to Smith Gildea & Schmidt L L C

Then there is a Munshell lost lawsuit of $3,725 to Clark & Anderson, PA - but on December 24, 2014 Munshell legally declared himself unable to pay his debts.

From the Maryland Judiciary Judgments and Liens Search website:

Original Judgment
Case Number: 03C15012025
Judgment Entered Date: 03/17/2017
Amount: $357,370.43
For: Smith Gildea & Schmidt L L C
Against:  Ft Howard Development L L C (Ft Howard Development L L C is Timothy S. Munshell)
Judgment Comments: Plus interest and cost


Original Judgment
Case Number: 03C15005904
Judgment Entered Date: 02/03/2017
Amount: $100,000.00
For: Client Services L L C
Against:  Ft Howard Development L L C


Original Judgment
Case Number: 03C12006447
Judgment Entered Date: 11/15/2013
Amount: $68,950.00
For: B & R Construction Services L L C
Against:  Ft Howard Management Services L L C (Ft Howard Management Services L L C is Timothy Stewart Munshell)
Judgment Comments: plus costs and post-Judgment interest at the legal rate


That sure is a lot to owe by a person who on 12/24/2014 declared to the court to be penniless - "no funds held." From the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website:

Case Number: 060200001432014 Claim Type: CONTRACT
District/Location Codes: 06 / 02 Filing Date: 01/14/2014 Case Status: ACTIVE

Status Date: 07/31/2014  Filing Date: 01/14/2014
Amount $3,725  Last Activity Date: 12/30/2014

Type: NOTICE SENT Complaint No.:001


Type: COMMENT Complaint No.:001
Date: 12/24/2014 Comment: NO FUNDS HELD


On top of all that, the following lawsuit against Munshell is still ongoing.

From the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website:

Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore County - Civil System
Case Number: 03C15009165
Title: Thoericht, et al vs Ft Howard Development L L C, et al
Case Type: Other Tort Filing Date:08/25/2015
Case Status: Open/Active

Court Scheduling Information: (This reveals that the case has been put forward several times.)

Event Type: Civil Mediation Notice Date:
Event Date: 04/29/2016 Event Time:09:30 AM
Result: Cancelled/Vacated Result Date:12/27/2016

Event Type: Settlement Conference Notice Date:
Event Date: 05/17/2016 Event Time:01:30 PM
Result: Postponed Result Date:05/09/2016

Event Type: Settlement Conference Notice Date:
Event Date: 01/04/2017 Event Time:10:30 AM
Result: Postponed Result Date: 12/28/2016

Event Type: Settlement Conference Notice Date:01/17/2017
Event Date: 02/09/2017 Event Time:10:30 AM
Result: Cancelled/Vacated Result Date: 02/09/2017

Event Type: Civil Non-Jury Trial Notice Date: 02/09/2017

Event Date: 04/07/2017  Event Time: 09:30 AM

Sunday, February 26, 2017

May 2016 Drone Video of Ft Howard VAMC & County Park

Excellent, drone video of what we - who love Ft. Howard - are working and fighting to preserve for American Military Veterans. The May 2016 video shows most of the Fort Howard, Maryland, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Property, along with Baltimore County Fort Howard Park next to it. The VA property's abandoned appearance shows on the buildings. You can see most of the horrifying arson damages. A few healthy Osprey, too. The park's, concrete, former U.S. Army Coastal Artillery fortifications are featured, also. 

You will see: straight down the Chesapeake Bay to the Bay Bridge; out onto the Patapsco River; Anne Arundel County shoreline; briefly, the Key Bridge; the Ft. Howard civilian neighborhood; and a horizon view of Sparrows Point - where the steel mills were and Tradepoint Atlantic is redeveloping the area. The video being shot in springtime, trees are full of life.

Watch it in HD. The Youtube video is named "Return to Fort Howard" by Dirty Bird.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

John Infantino Declares to New Scam Victims His Lost "Bayside at Ft Howard" Project Is A Success

For his current - Grande - scam, John David Infantino is, as usual for his scams' business references, saying he has an outstanding record of real estate successes world wide. Including our lost Bayside at Ft. Howard project. I have received a bunch of PDF files Infantino sent to an international investment councilor who had contacted me about John David's new scam The Grande Organization.

Many times in many places, I have posted online that all you have to do to find info on the facts of John Infantino's life of scams is web search that name, or his full name John David Infantino. Consequently, except for his "References" PDF - where he uses old & highly questionable letters of reference - he does not use Infantino anywhere - I have seen - on his Grande Organization scam web pages or other PDF files.

Below is a link to one of the PDF files, which contains many of the same old false claims for real estate projects Infantino claims to be his successes, but it is all lies. In it he uses Bayside, the lost Ft. Howard VAMC veterans focused community he scammed many of us out of, but not its full name "Bayside at Fort Howard"; because he does not want his scam's potential victims web searching about Ft. Howard. In this scam PDF document, he does not admit he was the (phony) developer who lost the lease, instead he declares he was the lender/investor for a successful project. From page 6, here is the entry:

Bayside – Several historic structures in coastal Maryland were rehabilitated for reuse as senior living facilities and community amenities. The single-family residential buildings were built in 1901 as officers’ quarters, each comprising approximately 3,400 sf on three above-grade levels and a basement. Value is $1,500,000. Role was lender/investor.

Further down, on page 29, you will see the following text, plus 9 photos of Ft. Howard VAMC buildings and property:

State of Maryland Property Management Portfolio 

TGO/FPT (The Grande Organization/First Public Trust) provides a variety of property management services including global ability to master plan, market, manage, and enhance the value of real estate assets, including preparation of expanded environmental assessments on existing structures and properties. The company also provides portfolio asset management and forecasting, strategic consultancy, financial reporting and repatriation of monies across currencies and borders, as well as a technology platform accessible throughout the world. 

Maryland Portfolio: 37 historic buildings/197,500 gsf of office, retail, institutional, and medical-related buildings.

Years ago, from a previous Infantino scam, I web searched and searched most of the real estate names used in this new scam PDF document, and they are either not Infantino's or non-existent:

That stuff on that there PDF document is one huge, heaping, mind bending pile of bullshit. Quite artfully done, I must say!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First Fort Howard VAMC Scammer John David Infantino Using Virtual Offices For New Scam

For his current - Grande - scam, John David Infantino is, as usual for his company addresses, using virtual offices again. Virtual offices are actual office spaces that are where telephone & mail communications go to be rerouted out to renters, and spaces can be used on an hourly basis when a renter needs to meet with clients there. Numerous renters use the same office spaces, which they rarely physically occupy, and the rental service provides all furnishings - including generic wall decorations. Virtual offices Infantino uses are always in prestigious buildings.

I have received a bunch of PDF files Infantino sent to an international investment councilor who had contacted me about John David's new scam The Grande Organization.

Here is a link to one of the PDF files, which contains many of the same old false claims for real estate projects Infantino claims to be his successes, but it is all lies:

Below are the virtual addresses listed on that PDF file above:

The Americas
The Seagram Building
375 Park Avenue
26th Floor, Suite 2607
New York, NY 10152
T: +1 212 634 7470
F: +1 212 634 7474
Skype: GrandeOrg.Americas

You too can set up a virtual office there at this link:

International Finance Center
Tower 2, 8 Century Avenue
36th Floor, Suite 36329
Pudong, Shanghai 200120
T: +86 21 6062 6329
F: +86 21 6062 6399
WeChat: TGO-Asia

You too can set up a virtual office there at this link:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good Businesses Do Not Respond To Being Used By John Infantino In His Ft. Howard Scam

John David Infantino still has his bogus Bayside at Fort Howard website up. He is using it as a reference to convince potential victims of his scams that he has a successful project going on Ft. Howard. He may also be using it to take more housing deposits - for the fake project - from scam victims. The site lists several legit businesses as actively working on the project, all of whom I emailed about this weeks ago, but they refuse to acknowledge me. They therefore are permitting their good names to be used to scam people. Two have humongous lawsuits against Infantino. They all are: 

Development Team

Master Developer: Federal Development LLC 
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Planner: STV Incorporated
Architect: Kann & Associates (now Kann Partners)
Landscape Designer: STV Incorporated
Civil Engineering: STV Incorporated
MEP Engineer: GHT Limited

The lawsuits:

Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil System
Case Number: 24C09007222
Judgment Against:
Fort Howard Senior Housing Associates, LLC
Judgment in Favor of:
STV Incorporated,
Judgment Entered Date: 11/16/2009
Amount of Judgment: $987,957.65

Judgment Against:
Federal Development, LLC
Judgment in Favor of:
STV Incorporated,
Judgment Entered Date: 11/16/2009
Amount of Judgment: $604,497.40

Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore City - Civil System
Case Number: 24C09005473
Judgment Against:
Federal Developement LLC
Fort Howard Senior Housing Associates, LLC
Federal El Paso Associates LLC
Judgment in Favor of:
Kann And Associates Inc,
Judgment Entered Date: 12/15/2011
Amount of Judgment: $746,895.86

Ain't that a bitch!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ft. Howard VAMC Office Building & Promissory Note Was For Sale - What's it Mean!?!

I'm feakin' flabbergasted! I'm not sure what this means. I just found a listing on a commercial real estate website where a promissory note and office building had been for sale at auction, at 9600 North Point Road - the Ft. Howard Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property. It has a satellite photo of the VA property with a red marker pointing to the VA Medical Clinic building. The listing is from October 2014, but the clinic was in use until April 2016. 

At the top of the page it says, "This Office Property is Off-Market." 

The listing says:

"Ft. Howard Promissory Note For Sale
Price N/A Property Use Type Vacant/Owner-User
Building Size 135,000 SF Building Class A
Property Type Office Lot Size 94.60 AC
Property Sub-type Office Building More... 

The asset being sold (at auction) consists of the payee' s interest in a Promissory Note from Ft. Howard Development, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company, to American Life Capital, LLC, a Connecticut limited liability company, in the face amount of $6,250,000, and related collateral (collectively the Note ). The listed price is the minimum bid price for the asset at the auction. 


I need a real estate professional to explain this. 

Did Ft. Howard Development Tim Munshell receive six million dollars or a portion of from American Life Capital? 

Munshell holds the lease to the Ft. Howard VAMC property, but I do not believe he can sell an onsite building? 

Was the auction just for the payee's interest and the real estate website software added the office building because it can't comprehend promissory note?  

What is it all about?

Here is the listing:

John Infantino Sued the United States

John Infantino sued the United States. Though he owes $1,142,960.00 (details below). Typical Infantino, he never has what it takes to do a project - his work is always a scam - then he blames it on someone or something else. He declares he would have done the Ft. Howard VAMC development project if Baltimore County and the Ft. Howard area residents had allowed him to build 1,400 housing units. He claims any fewer and he can't make money off it. 

Below is a link to the court record, in which you can see that Infantino owes $313,328.45 for VA property rents, a $126,530.00 electric bill, $3,101.55 for water & sewer services, along with the VA spending $700,000 in legal fees for the startup work on the Ft. Howard project (at the PDF document linked to hit ctrl + f for find and place $ in that search box):

John Infantino's New Scam Sites

An investment guy in China contacted me about John David Infantino. Infantino has completely reworked his scamming with a new set of websites. He does not use his full name anywhere on them, and only has it as John David in one or two places. Because I consistently posted online that all you have to do is web search his name to see what he does. The Chinese investor sent me a lot of materials Infantino is giving to investors. He worked closely with Infantino in at least one meeting, and had several phone conversations with him. The Chinese fellow and I had a good talk on the phone, and now he and his clients will not loose any money to Infantino.

The Chinese investor told me he had spoken on the phone with Infantino a number of times, had been in a business meeting with him, and never saw John get angry or cuss until he told him over the phone that he was in communication with me and would not commit to making investments in Infantino's (phony) projects until he spoke with me on the phone. Infantino got all shook up and angry, and said,"OH! THAT ASSHOLE!!"

I told the Chinese fellow, "Hearing that made my day, no, made my year." I knew Infantino had to be reading what I put online about him, but he can't sue or make formal complaints - because I tell the truth. I won't be seeing any monetary reward from the Chinese man for saving him a lot of money and his reputation too - I looked him over online and he is a good investment guy - so I'll have to be satisfied with the reward being that I finally got to hear how much I get to International Super Scammer John David Infantino.

Here is a link to his incredible new scam sites, where everything is Grande - remember - it is all lies:

Friday, February 3, 2017

International Property Developer Con Man

The world needs President of the United States Donald J. Trump - a most accomplished real estate developer - to give a few minutes of his time to inform the entire world that John David Infantino neither is an actual property developer nor property manager, though John D. Infantino is extremely adept at fraudulently promoting himself to be one. John Infantino has - on a massive, world wide scale - engineered billions of dollars worth of tremendous losses to millions of people.

Some of those scams were run on United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center properties. Causing severe loses to many veterans.

To the countries and communities where Mr. Infantino has run or is running one of his scams: you are requested & encouraged to investigate what the infamous John D Infantino did to you and yours, legally charge him for his criminal activity that caused so much damages to you and yours, and to seek recourse against Infantino, by informing the entire world that the crimes occurred and you will prosecute that fraud to the full extent of local, state, national, international laws.

To everyone else, be aware of what John D. Infantino is, and that he certainly will run scams until he is charged, tried for, convicted of and imprisoned for his criminal activities.

I suggest Mr.Trump saying something to this effect:

"As newly elected President, in accordance with applicable presidential powers I now possess and hold close to my heart, I hereby order American local, state, national, international justice systems, where John David Infantino has been or is engaged in his international "super scamming",  to investigate, make a record of - sharing the results with the public - and charge John D. Infantino with those crimes.

The world media should now spread word of this as far and wide as you possibly can. When everyone sees what the in depth investigations bring to light, you too will want to see John Infantino in prisons for the rest of his life.

Losses that his frauds created, will be negatively affecting millions of people for the rest of their lives.

A full investigation must be made, written and published including many personal stories of what people lost. Some people sold their homes thinking they would move into Infantino's new home sites. And on and on.

Get John David Infantino."

A few minutes of that, rewritten and edited to fully express how the president and his staff communicate with the world, and President Trump will - to solid degrees in numerous ways  - be earning respect and much thanks from millions of people.

Thank you.

To understand John Infantino's scams better, see the well organized and presented results of hundreds of hours of research, writing, photography and publishing on my blog at:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ft. Howard Complaint To VA Inspector General & Info Provided To Tens of Thousands

A copy of the formal complaint I sent to the VA Inspector General - about the previous lease holder and fake property developer of Ft. Howard - is in this post. I have provided in depth information about the Ft Howard fiasco many times to multiple media outlets, elected politicians, VA officials, even my VA doctors & nurses - who may say something somewhere where it'll do good, plus private citizens. I have informed many people about the deeply entrenched fiasco that is the - failed - VA proposed development of a veterans focused community on the Fort Howard, Maryland, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property. The VA OIG office never replied. I registered the complaint during the time John Infantino had the lease, but it somewhat applies to the current lease holder and fake property developer Tim Munshell.

I have - employing my writings, photography; Internet publishing work - I have shared the facts of Ft. Howard with tens of thousands of people. I rarely hear back from any of them, nor rarely know of any actions they've taken on behalf of Ft. Howard.

I contacted companies John David Infantino falsely uses as businesses references, two embassies whose countries Infantino had scammed in, and the F.B.I.. I contacted postal inspectors - because Infantino had vets mail paper checks, to a P.O. Box, as deposits for future living quarters Infantino had no intention, nor ability, to build. The postal inspectors, then the I.R.S., each refused to do investigations without exact info on the mailings and on the amounts of monies Infantino did not pay taxes on. A former employee of Infantino's posted online that if the I.R.S. checked his company files and did an audit they'd have charged John with tax evasion. Unfortunately, Infantino does not maintain any office space for very long and those files are most likely long gone to the dump.

Sadly, only a minuscule percentage of people who see these works give a positive, supportive response. Others had already been organized & holding public meetings, contacting VA and other government offices, informing media, working & fighting hard, and they continue to fight on.

Do to being ignored or deemed incorrect, us citizens in the fight are not getting anything good done towards having the property development begin.

I am limited in my investigative work, because I can't afford to travel far and I am saddled with degenerative back disease and depression, which the VA provides treatment for. I survive on a combined VA pension and Social Security award of around a thousand dollars a month, plus I live in an apartment house built for low income senior citizens.

I need to gather more detailed information from court case files about Ft. Howard, John D Infantino and Timothy S Munshell.

On top of that, I want an investigative reporter or free lance writer to travel around the world gathering information on the approximate 30 places John D. Infantino ran his scams. I have read and kept details of news articles from more than 20 places around the world where Infantino had promised to bring billions of dollars worth of capital funding to all those projects he said would create wonderful communities in those areas.

For a writer with what it takes, a fully researched and written article or book could make their career. John David Infantino International Supper Scammer may very well be the most prolific and successful one in history. Except for wars, Infantino has surely done more damage than anyone.

My Complaint To The VA OIG:

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First Name: David

Last Name: Crews


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City: Dundalk

State: MD

Zip: 21222

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Email: ursusdave at

VA facility or office involved:
Ft Howard, Maryland and several others

Names of wrongdoers:
John Infantino

Names of victims:
Multiples of veterans and the VA itself.

Alleged legal or policy violation(s) or other misconduct:
Fraudulently saying he would build better VAMC properties but never doing it. He tied up progress on projects, and he has never completed any project. He claims to be asset and/or property manager for VA hospitals.

Effect of the wrongdoing, such as dollars lost, delay produced, etc.:
Veterans and others lives messed up.

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Additional Comments:
John Infantino's LLCs are complete scams. Simply do a web search for Federal Development and John Infantino, and you will easily see. He has been scamming and hurting people all around the world. You will not find one news article about his projects being completed. All media about him tells of what he says he is going to do, and maybe about a ground breaking ceremony. He has never completed anything his web sites say he will or has.

I have been working on this off and on for years, and Infantino must be stopped. He is messing up lives all over the world. He is an international fraud. Yet he puts forth the idea that he and various partners are doing well together on numerous projects.

On Infantino's numerous web pages, he declares to be the asset and/or property manager for many commercial, residential and government properties - including Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals and veterans nursing homes. I am hoping people, companies, governments, towns, cities, counties, etc. who are falsely referenced as being satisfied in their (non-existant) working partnerships with Infantino will force him to stop using their names as a good reference.

He got us here in Maryland by promising to rebuild our local Ft. Howard VAMC, but he did little more than take veterans' monies for deposits on future homes and some of those vets had their lives messed up in the process. Some got their deposits back - not all - and some sold their long-time homes to be able to move to Ft. Howard. Infantino Federal Development, LLC, held a lease that was terminated in 2009 after a protracted lack of progress on the project. Now, four years later, he still maintains a website for it - Bayside at Ft. Howard ( ), which has a page for sending in deposits for housing applications ( ). That causes me to suspect that he is still taking deposits from American Military Veterans and others.

On Infantino's websites, he consistently declares that he got his start in a family business named First Public Trust - FPT - a "real estate management firm which incorporates a 60-year history of developing over twenty master-planned communities on the East Coast and the Midwest." BUT! For several years, I have periodically web searched for info on FPT; there is not one bit of FPT info on the Internet - anywhere!

I am a writer and photographer (US Army trained photographer) in Baltimore, Maryland doing investigative writing on John Infantino & Federal Development LLC - Federal Asset Management ( ) and his use of a supposed projects world wide. Websites, which Infantino maintains, put forth the idea that he is a successful partner in various international property development projects. Infantino is using numerous projects around the world as examples of why his company should be hired, but not one project has been completed by him. Some, he had nothing to do with and/or were never begun by anyone.

I wish to see international news media outlets publish fully investigated stories on what he is doing.

John Infantino is in a lawsuit with Del Rey Oaks, California ( ) and yet he maintains websites saying his Del Rey Oaks project is going great.

John Infantino must be stepped on and squashed. I am asking anyone and everyone to help end his internationally fraudulent activities and World Wide Web Con Games.

Thank you,

Photography and Writings by

David Robert Crews {a.k.a.ursusdave}

( )

Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General - Release 20131209-01
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Feb. 9, 2017 Trial Info Tim Munshell Sued Again & My Right To Write About It

Three plaintiffs have a tort case against Ft. Howard VAMC 'developer' Tim Munshell and six other defendants. Trial is scheduled for 02/09/2017 at 10:30AM (details listed below). "A tort is a civil wrong that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm." Thirteen of the the photographs in this post were taken six years ago. Three of the burned houses photos are from 2015, and the last one is a satellite image showing three piles of black rumble, where homes once were. You can imagine how much worse condition the buildings are in today. Timothy S Munshell is legally bound by his lease to rebuild those arson burned houses, exactly as they were. Tim owes over $40,000 in fines to Baltimore County for not having legally mandated 24hr fire watch on the property, and for not having all fire hydrants working. Make that (according to court records of a lawsuit he lost in 2014) NO FUNDS HELD Timothy S. Munshell.

Front Entrance To The Ft. Howard VAMC Hospital Building

Arson Damage To Main Lobby Of Hospital Building 

A Lot of Medical Equipment Was Left Behind 
When The Hospital Closed In 2002

For a decade and a half, ever since the Ft. Howard VA Hospital was shut down, the many historic buildings on the grounds have been allowed to deteriorate, be vandalized, be stripped of metals for recycling cash, hospital furnishings & medical equipment was hauled out, it is the victim of 6 or 7 arson fires, and is a powerful attraction to people from near and far. Some go there who enjoy exploring abandoned properties, because it falsely appears to be abandoned and left to rot with the VA having no intentions of using it again. Many go in there to party, play, ghost hunt, I once saw some 17 to 19-yr-olds walking in and out of buildings with one guy leading them like a tour guide. He had obviously been there numerous times.

I was there waiting for a ride to come get me, after a medical appointment in the small VAMC Clinic that was still in operation. A VA Police Officer was on duty, I located and informed him, and he went after the teenagers to make them leave. That clinic has been shut down, but while it was still operational, during off hours when no VA employees or security were there, copper wiring was stripped out for recycling cash - on several separate dates. The clinic was clearly still in use for veterans health care, but the unused structures are a mess.

Most people who went there to explore or hang out are essentially innocent, due to not knowing the VA has plans to redevelop the property. It was only a small percentage of the people going there who did the damages. Some vandals and metal thieves probably went there numerous times.

Flat White Building Back Left
Is The VA Clinic with The Chesapeake Bay In View
 Line Between the VA and Park Is Where The Woods Are 

The Old Army Theater

I've told many people that young people from all over were going onto the VA property to do what they will, not just the local kids. The three plaintiffs are from Parkville, which is at the northern top of the Baltimore Beltway and the east side bottom of the beltway goes into Edgemere/Ft. Howard. I actually always used Parkville as an example, "They come from Parkville, all over even from other counties." Carloads of kids drive to the VA property, others ride bikes, skateboards, scooters or walk. Most did not engage in any destructive activities. Some went on the grounds to enjoy playing acoustic instruments and singing together on the stage of the old army theater. It was constructed in the World War One Era, back before electric amplifiers were invented. The stage is designed to have an acoustically perfect sound that gives anyone on stage the ability to speak in a normal volume and be heard clearly at the back of the audience. It shapes the sound of music most wonderfully.

Tim Munshell is legally responsible for providing fire watch and security on the VA grounds, but he wasn't. The VA Police had been pulled out of there. A VA Cop told me that after the third arson fire, the VA Police were brought back on 24hr duty, and they, "Did over 50 lockups, mostly young men in their early 20's coming from all over."

In The Hospital Building 
A Major Draw Is The Spook Factor 
(is that one down the hall!?!)

The old, thrashed out, hospital building is said to be haunted. If anyplace is haunted, that place is. Because many horribly suffering wounded warriors, some living there till they died, some committing suicide, were inpatients. A few young people I know, who are good church going people, told me they were appalled to see 666 the evil number painted on the wall of the hospital morgue. Their fears being that it indicates that actual devil worshiping may have been going on. Considering the place's world wide wide expanding reputation, from WWW traffic about the place, it is vulnerable to many forms of evil. A VA medical clinic nurse, taking my blood pressure one time, taking into consideration the five story hospital building suffering vandalized busted out doors and windows for easy access by anyone, said she fears most that a body might be found in there some day.

Heavy Screening In Hospital Building Prevents Suicidal Patients
 From Jumping Down The 5 Story Stairwell

For more than a dozen years, I have given well over a thousand hard working hours to investigating, World Wide Web researching, writing, photographing, sending & receiving emails, making phone calls and talking face to face with people then posting all over the web about the disheartening fiasco that is the proposed new veterans focused community redevelopment project at Fort Howard, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property.

5th Floor Hospital Lobby
The Kiniseotherapy Room Entrance
 Where Physical Therapists Gave
Excellent Treatment Of My Back Injuries

In the 1980's, I was a spinal injury inpatient receiving some of the excellent physical therapy at the Ft. Howard VA Hospital. I am an Army vet who worked as a photographer in a missile unit's Public Information Office. My paternal grandparents met on Fort Howard, during WW1 - Granddad Crews was a soldier and Grandmom Crews was a Welsh Nanny for an Army captain's children. Ever since the 1950's, family of mine have been living in some of the connecting communities to Ft. Howard, and I have often been to their homes for holiday celebrations and just to visit.

1900 era Houses For Army Officer Families
1940 - 2002 VA Doctors' Family Homes
My Grandparents May Have Met There
On That Front Porch During WW1

Adjacent to the VAMC is a county park that had been half of the army fort, when it was built for 1900 era coastal defenses of Baltimore. Some of my family and friends and I are known for our volunteer work at the Haunted Dungeons at Halloween time and the War of 1812 reenactment Defenders' Day events. I've taken many day hikes in the park and been to picnics and birthday parties there. I have an extensive photography portfolio on all of Ft. Howard. I know, pursue and share histories of the area. My roots run deep into Fort Howard, Maryland.

I earn the right to investigate and report on anything that happens concerning the VAMC property or adjacent county parkland.

Thoericht vs Ft Howard Development L L C
Circuit Court for Baltimore County - Civil System
Case Number: 03C15009165
Event Date: 02/09/2017   Event Time:10:30 AM
Case Type: Other Tort

Civil Non-Jury Trial Notice Date: 02/09/2017
Event Date: 04/07/2017 Event Time: 09:30 AM

Plaintiff Party No.:1
Name: Thoericht, Marc
Address: 3011 1/2 Edgewood Avenue
City: Parkville State:MD Zip Code:21234

Plaintiff Party No.:2
Name: Thoericht, Niki
Address: 3011 1/2 Edgewood Avenue
City: Parkville State:MD Zip Code:21234

Plaintiff Party No.:3
Name: Thoericht, Brandon
Address: 3011 1/2 Edgewood Avenue
City: Parkvill State:MD Zip Code:21234

Defendant Party No.:1
Business or Organization Name: Ft Howard Development L L C
Address: 18901 New Hampshire Avenue
City: Brinklow State:MD Zip Code:20862
Defendant Party No.:2
Name: Stangle, Earl W
Address: 1118 E Biddle St
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21205
Defendant Party No.:3
Name: Tingle, Joshua E
Address: 919 Quantril Way
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21205
Address: Baltimore County Detention Center
City: Towson State:MD Zip Code:21204
Address: Maryland Reception Diagnostic/Class Cent
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21202
DefendantParty No.:4
Business or Organization Name: Trinity Protection Services Inc
Address: 6222 Gothic Lane
City: Bowie State:MD Zip Code:20720
Address: One Church Street
City: Rockville State:MD Zip Code:20850
Defendant Party No.:5
Business or Organization Name: Client Services L L C
Address: 3205 Lynch Road
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21219
Defendant Party No.:6
Business or Organization Name: Ft Howard Management Services L L C
Address: 10721 Wayfarer Road
City: Germantown State:MD Zip Code:20876
Defendant Party No.:7
Business or Organization Name: J & J Hauling & Odd Jobs L L C
Address: 1128 Evans Way
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21205

Two of The Grand Old Houses That Were Burned Down 
Photographed Thanksgiving Day 2015 From A Boat

One of The Grand Old Houses That Were Burned Down 
Photographed Thanksgiving Day 2015 From A Boat

One of The Grand Old Houses That Were Burned Down 
Photographed Thanksgiving Day 2015 From A Boat

Back of A Grand Old House - A Duplex 
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down 

Front of A Grand Old House - A Duplex
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down

Side of A Grand Old House - A Duplex  
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down

Front of The Neighboring Grand Old House 
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down

Satellite Image With Three
Burned Down Grand Old Houses At The Top Left