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Feb. 9, 2017 Trial Info Tim Munshell Sued Again & My Right To Write About It

Three plaintiffs have a tort case against Ft. Howard VAMC 'developer' Tim Munshell and six other defendants. Trial is scheduled for 02/09/2017 at 10:30AM (details listed below). "A tort is a civil wrong that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm." Thirteen of the the photographs in this post were taken six years ago. Three of the burned houses photos are from 2015, and the last one is a satellite image showing three piles of black rumble, where homes once were. You can imagine how much worse condition the buildings are in today. Timothy S Munshell is legally bound by his lease to rebuild those arson burned houses, exactly as they were. Tim owes over $40,000 in fines to Baltimore County for not having legally mandated 24hr fire watch on the property, and for not having all fire hydrants working. Make that (according to court records of a lawsuit he lost in 2014) NO FUNDS HELD Timothy S. Munshell.

Front Entrance To The Ft. Howard VAMC Hospital Building

Arson Damage To Main Lobby Of Hospital Building 

A Lot of Medical Equipment Was Left Behind 
When The Hospital Closed In 2002

For a decade and a half, ever since the Ft. Howard VA Hospital was shut down, the many historic buildings on the grounds have been allowed to deteriorate, be vandalized, be stripped of metals for recycling cash, hospital furnishings & medical equipment was hauled out, it is the victim of 6 or 7 arson fires, and is a powerful attraction to people from near and far. Some go there who enjoy exploring abandoned properties, because it falsely appears to be abandoned and left to rot with the VA having no intentions of using it again. Many go in there to party, play, ghost hunt, I once saw some 17 to 19-yr-olds walking in and out of buildings with one guy leading them like a tour guide. He had obviously been there numerous times.

I was there waiting for a ride to come get me, after a medical appointment in the small VAMC Clinic that was still in operation. A VA Police Officer was on duty, I located and informed him, and he went after the teenagers to make them leave. That clinic has been shut down, but while it was still operational, during off hours when no VA employees or security were there, copper wiring was stripped out for recycling cash - on several separate dates. The clinic was clearly still in use for veterans health care, but the unused structures are a mess.

Most people who went there to explore or hang out are essentially innocent, due to not knowing the VA has plans to redevelop the property. It was only a small percentage of the people going there who did the damages. Some vandals and metal thieves probably went there numerous times.

Flat White Building Back Left
Is The VA Clinic with The Chesapeake Bay In View
 Line Between the VA and Park Is Where The Woods Are 

The Old Army Theater

I've told many people that young people from all over were going onto the VA property to do what they will, not just the local kids. The three plaintiffs are from Parkville, which is at the northern top of the Baltimore Beltway and the east side bottom of the beltway goes into Edgemere/Ft. Howard. I actually always used Parkville as an example, "They come from Parkville, all over even from other counties." Carloads of kids drive to the VA property, others ride bikes, skateboards, scooters or walk. Most did not engage in any destructive activities. Some went on the grounds to enjoy playing acoustic instruments and singing together on the stage of the old army theater. It was constructed in the World War One Era, back before electric amplifiers were invented. The stage is designed to have an acoustically perfect sound that gives anyone on stage the ability to speak in a normal volume and be heard clearly at the back of the audience. It shapes the sound of music most wonderfully.

Tim Munshell is legally responsible for providing fire watch and security on the VA grounds, but he wasn't. The VA Police had been pulled out of there. A VA Cop told me that after the third arson fire, the VA Police were brought back on 24hr duty, and they, "Did over 50 lockups, mostly young men in their early 20's coming from all over."

In The Hospital Building 
A Major Draw Is The Spook Factor 
(is that one down the hall!?!)

The old, thrashed out, hospital building is said to be haunted. If anyplace is haunted, that place is. Because many horribly suffering wounded warriors, some living there till they died, some committing suicide, were inpatients. A few young people I know, who are good church going people, told me they were appalled to see 666 the evil number painted on the wall of the hospital morgue. Their fears being that it indicates that actual devil worshiping may have been going on. Considering the place's world wide wide expanding reputation, from WWW traffic about the place, it is vulnerable to many forms of evil. A VA medical clinic nurse, taking my blood pressure one time, taking into consideration the five story hospital building suffering vandalized busted out doors and windows for easy access by anyone, said she fears most that a body might be found in there some day.

Heavy Screening In Hospital Building Prevents Suicidal Patients
 From Jumping Down The 5 Story Stairwell

For more than a dozen years, I have given well over a thousand hard working hours to investigating, World Wide Web researching, writing, photographing, sending & receiving emails, making phone calls and talking face to face with people then posting all over the web about the disheartening fiasco that is the proposed new veterans focused community redevelopment project at Fort Howard, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property.

5th Floor Hospital Lobby
The Kiniseotherapy Room Entrance
 Where Physical Therapists Gave
Excellent Treatment Of My Back Injuries

In the 1980's, I was a spinal injury inpatient receiving some of the excellent physical therapy at the Ft. Howard VA Hospital. I am an Army vet who worked as a photographer in a missile unit's Public Information Office. My paternal grandparents met on Fort Howard, during WW1 - Granddad Crews was a soldier and Grandmom Crews was a Welsh Nanny for an Army captain's children. Ever since the 1950's, family of mine have been living in some of the connecting communities to Ft. Howard, and I have often been to their homes for holiday celebrations and just to visit.

1900 era Houses For Army Officer Families
1940 - 2002 VA Doctors' Family Homes
My Grandparents May Have Met There
On That Front Porch During WW1

Adjacent to the VAMC is a county park that had been half of the army fort, when it was built for 1900 era coastal defenses of Baltimore. Some of my family and friends and I are known for our volunteer work at the Haunted Dungeons at Halloween time and the War of 1812 reenactment Defenders' Day events. I've taken many day hikes in the park and been to picnics and birthday parties there. I have an extensive photography portfolio on all of Ft. Howard. I know, pursue and share histories of the area. My roots run deep into Fort Howard, Maryland.

I earn the right to investigate and report on anything that happens concerning the VAMC property or adjacent county parkland.

Thoericht vs Ft Howard Development L L C
Circuit Court for Baltimore County - Civil System
Case Number: 03C15009165
Event Date: 02/09/2017   Event Time:10:30 AM
Case Type: Other Tort

Civil Non-Jury Trial Notice Date: 02/09/2017
Event Date: 04/07/2017 Event Time: 09:30 AM

Plaintiff Party No.:1
Name: Thoericht, Marc
Address: 3011 1/2 Edgewood Avenue
City: Parkville State:MD Zip Code:21234

Plaintiff Party No.:2
Name: Thoericht, Niki
Address: 3011 1/2 Edgewood Avenue
City: Parkville State:MD Zip Code:21234

Plaintiff Party No.:3
Name: Thoericht, Brandon
Address: 3011 1/2 Edgewood Avenue
City: Parkvill State:MD Zip Code:21234

Defendant Party No.:1
Business or Organization Name: Ft Howard Development L L C
Address: 18901 New Hampshire Avenue
City: Brinklow State:MD Zip Code:20862
Defendant Party No.:2
Name: Stangle, Earl W
Address: 1118 E Biddle St
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21205
Defendant Party No.:3
Name: Tingle, Joshua E
Address: 919 Quantril Way
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21205
Address: Baltimore County Detention Center
City: Towson State:MD Zip Code:21204
Address: Maryland Reception Diagnostic/Class Cent
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21202
DefendantParty No.:4
Business or Organization Name: Trinity Protection Services Inc
Address: 6222 Gothic Lane
City: Bowie State:MD Zip Code:20720
Address: One Church Street
City: Rockville State:MD Zip Code:20850
Defendant Party No.:5
Business or Organization Name: Client Services L L C
Address: 3205 Lynch Road
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21219
Defendant Party No.:6
Business or Organization Name: Ft Howard Management Services L L C
Address: 10721 Wayfarer Road
City: Germantown State:MD Zip Code:20876
Defendant Party No.:7
Business or Organization Name: J & J Hauling & Odd Jobs L L C
Address: 1128 Evans Way
City: Baltimore State:MD Zip Code:21205

Two of The Grand Old Houses That Were Burned Down 
Photographed Thanksgiving Day 2015 From A Boat

One of The Grand Old Houses That Were Burned Down 
Photographed Thanksgiving Day 2015 From A Boat

One of The Grand Old Houses That Were Burned Down 
Photographed Thanksgiving Day 2015 From A Boat

Back of A Grand Old House - A Duplex 
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down 

Front of A Grand Old House - A Duplex
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down

Side of A Grand Old House - A Duplex  
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down

Front of The Neighboring Grand Old House 
A Few Years Before It Was Burned Down

Satellite Image With Three
Burned Down Grand Old Houses At The Top Left


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