Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tim Munshell Currently Being Sued For A Measly $400

Here is court date info for this lawsuit: 
TRIAL SET FOR: 01/25/2017; TIME: 01:00PM;  LOC:01;ROOM:611 
Case No.:060100153912016 

In this post are screen captures of a court record where Tim Munshell is currently being sued by First Colonies Anesthesia Associates for a measly $400.00. Timothy S. Munshell is a conman who passes himself off as an experienced property developer who possesses access to millions of dollars for major development projects.

About five years ago, Timothy Stewart Munshell signed a 75-year lease to the Fort Howard Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property in Ft. Howard, Baltimore County, Maryland. A beautiful area on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The VAMC property buildings & infrastructure is rotting away. The deal is for him to redevelop the property into a vibrant community geared towards American Military Veterans, with new housing constructed and existing buildings rehabbed for community needs. He agreed to bring tens of millions of dollars into the development process. He does not now, has never, and never will be able to live up to his deal. He has never done anything like that project. He has never been able to secure any funding, and has no funds of his own. He is a fraud.

The scam is to hold the lease, use it as a reference to convince investors, banks, businesses and anyone else they can con, to loan him cash he will never pay back, and/or use it to convince an actual property developer to do the work and pay Munshell for the privilege. He has already scammed several businesses who did work on the planning and the presentation of plans. They are each, separately suing him.

I cannot link straight to the case records, so in order for you to verify there what I have posted on here, you must sign in on their disclaimer page:


On December 24, 2014, in other court records, Timothy Munshell legally declared he does not possess funds or property. At the bottom of the document it says "NO FUNDS HELD.

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