Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Department of Veterans Affairs Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) Component

Here are links to web pages with info on the Department of Veterans Affairs - VA - Enhanced Use Lease - EUL - component, it's property redevelopment projects, which includes my beloved Fort Howard in Baltimore County, Maryland :

Here is a 2016 VA news letter about the VA's Enhanced Use Program that includes Ft. Howard: 

Here are VA videos about their EUL - Enhanced Use Lease - component: 

Here is a long list of VAMC properties being redeveloped, including Fort Howard. Most have less than 100 living units, but hundreds to over a thousand are proposed for Ft. Howard: 

The VA's efforts to get work started on Ft. Howard began in 2002. It is an utter failure. The VA allowed itself to be conned by the first 'developer' they signed a lease with - John Infantino International Super Scammer, and the second one Tim Munshell - who is only in it to be in between the VA and a real developer who will pay Munshell something because 'Terrific' Tim holds the lease. Neither individual has ever actually done such a redevelopment project. Nor do they have funds required to do one. Nor do either have the abilities, employees, office/warehouse/equipment/supplies to even begin a development project.

John David Infantino and Timothy Stewart Munshell are horrendous bums.

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