Friday, February 10, 2017

John Infantino's New Scam Sites

An investment guy in China contacted me about John David Infantino. Infantino has completely reworked his scamming with a new set of websites. He does not use his full name anywhere on them, and only has it as John David in one or two places. Because I consistently posted online that all you have to do is web search his name to see what he does. The Chinese investor sent me a lot of materials Infantino is giving to investors. He worked closely with Infantino in at least one meeting, and had several phone conversations with him. The Chinese fellow and I had a good talk on the phone, and now he and his clients will not loose any money to Infantino.

The Chinese investor told me he had spoken on the phone with Infantino a number of times, had been in a business meeting with him, and never saw John get angry or cuss until he told him over the phone that he was in communication with me and would not commit to making investments in Infantino's (phony) projects until he spoke with me on the phone. Infantino got all shook up and angry, and said,"OH! THAT ASSHOLE!!"

I told the Chinese fellow, "Hearing that made my day, no, made my year." I knew Infantino had to be reading what I put online about him, but he can't sue or make formal complaints - because I tell the truth. I won't be seeing any monetary reward from the Chinese man for saving him a lot of money and his reputation too - I looked him over online and he is a good investment guy - so I'll have to be satisfied with the reward being that I finally got to hear how much I get to International Super Scammer John David Infantino.

Here is a link to his incredible new scam sites, where everything is Grande - remember - it is all lies:

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