Monday, January 20, 2014

Infantino's New "Federal Group International" Website

John Infantino Federal - International Super Scammer/Stinking Pile of Shit - has a new website, copyrighted 2013, for his horrendously bogus Federal Group International that contains the following set of links (Some links work, but the projects were never completed, some links go to sites by John Infantino, and other links are dead. Because Infantino knows that hardly anyone, anywhere, anytime ever checks up on what he says is so.):

To learn more about representative projects supported by Federal Group corporate services, click here (on the FGI website, click here goes to

Projects supported by Federal Group corporate services:

List of Projects

Liberty City (Juba, South Sudan)
(Click the News & Photos link - see that there are only posts from 2010; if it was actually happening, there would be posts showing the progress.)

Bulgaria Development Partnership (Bulgaria)
(Click on the News link; the 4 posts are from 2008; if it was actually happening, there would be posts showing news of progress.)

Chad Houses (N’Djamena, Chad)
(click on the News link - the posts are from 2009 & 2010 - if it was actually happening, there would be posts showing the progress) 

Ukraine Housing (various locations throughout Ukraine)
(Dead link. And John D. Infantino would probably rather be dead than sent back to the Ukraine - after I finally make the world realize what the infamous Mr. Infantino Federal is.)

City of Medicine Center Garage (Durham, North Carolina)
(Goes to an Infantino site for Federal Parking, not the garage that he falsely claims to be under his control.)

Rock Island Weddings (Moline, Illinois)
(I am doing research on this one.)

Miramar Creek (Broward County, Florida)
(This is bogus. Web research on this one only brings up Infantino's page on it. A legitimate project has much more about it published online.)

The Villages at Beaumont (El Paso, Texas)
(Infantino lost the lease to this years ago.) 

Rogers Avenue Transit-Oriented Development (Baltimore, Maryland)
(Not Infantino's at all. Click on the Rogers Ave website's Contact link, and you will see Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, 9600 Northpoint Road, Fort Howard, MD 21052 - which is my local Veterans Medical Center. Infantino had one, tiny office there, with one employee, who had very little work to do.) 

Bayside at Fort Howard (Baltimore County, Maryland)
(An absolute scam, and very personal to me. Because I have received health care there and might be living there happily today if Infantino hadn't used it to scam big monies.) 

Federal Management (global development management services) 
(The site has disappeared, and it was a complete, scam promoting fabrication of John David Infantino.)

You won't find the Federal Management website anymore. But a web search located this link:

Federal Management, Inc.: a California corporation

Federal Management, Inc. company profile. Includes information about John Infantino, and ** Resigned On 02/24/2010.

Federal Management, Inc.

Federal Management, Inc. was a corporation registered in the state of California.
It was a domestic corporation, meaning it was formed, as well as registered, in California. Its articles of incorporation were filed on April 26, 2007.
All of Federal Management, Inc.'s powers, rights and privileges in the State of California have been suspended. This could have happened because they failed to file a return and/or pay taxes to the California Franchise Tax Board, or because they failed to make certain informational filings with the California Secretary of State. The specific reason for this suspension can be found by ordering a status report from the Secretary of State.
Federal Management, Inc. was a for-profit entity.

Just follow the links. And contact some of the entities linked to, or the local government or a newspaper that is published close to where the list says is one of Infantino's successful ventures. I have already done that for a few, and the info I gather says John D. Infantino Federal is a stinking, heartless scammer.

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