Thursday, January 23, 2014

Infantino's Federal Design Group (FDG published) Affiliations

Below are most of international scam artist John Infantino's Federal Design Group's - self published - list of corporate affiliations. I seriously doubt that any single one of the companies listed has a current affiliation with John D. Infantino Federal. Some probably never did. Any who did, probably wish they had never heard of John David Infantino of Federal LLC this and that. There are several on the list not in this post, because the FDG website's entry of them each has a broken link. I only have the linked ones on here. 

Infantino is using the FDG Affiliations list as a set of professional references. 

Actually, it's for bait in the purpose of drawing in and ensnaring future victims of his ever going international scams. 

I do not imagine any of the corporations being aware of how their good names are being abused by John Infantino. I hope they realize what Infantino is doing, and they each publicly denounce it. Then force Infantino to cease shoring up his scams with his lies about these honest businesses:


Allen+Philip Architects

Arrington Watkins Architects

Boogertman + Partners (Pty) Ltd

ICF International


Orcutt | Winslow


STOA International Architects, Inc.

SPS+ Architects 

Abell & Associates Architects, Ltd.

S Architectural Team

RT Consult Ltd

The FDG Affiliations webpage is at:

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