Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Infantino Maintains Phoney Ft. Howard Webpages

John David Infantino, the International Super Scammer who falsely declared himself to be a property developer who can do a successful job of redeveloping Maryland's Fort Howard Veterans Affairs Medical Center property, has lost a lawsuit to Doug Gansler the Maryland Attorney General; a lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of veterans who gave John D. Infantino deposits on future residences - the defunct Fort Howard Senior Housing Association Bayside at Fort Howard project - which Infantino said he was going to create at the Ft. Howard VAMC. And sometime near the time of the court case, John Infantino removed his website for his phoney Bayside at Ft. Howard project. I figure John David Infantino removed that Bayside website due to legal pressures levied against him in Maryland. 

Unfortunately, Infantino still maintains several websites with Bayside at Fort Howard listed as one of his successful projects and also as one of the numerous properties he (falsely) declares himself to be an Asset Manager/Property Manager of. His websites are all important parts of his international scams, because those websites are believed by millions of people world wide - even though the sites are 99.99% absolute lies. 

For about a month after Attorney General Gansler won that lawsuit, anytime I clicked on a link to the deleted Bayside at Fort Howard website, the Internet took me to a webpage saying something about that linked web address going nowhere. Today, I find that clicking on any published link for Bayside at Fort Howard, or by copying and pasting that link into a web address bar, the Internet takes you to John Infantino's Federal Asset Management website, where there is a listing on the "Projects" pages for Bayside at Ft Howard. It reads:

Bayside at Fort Howard - Federal Asset Manager's Role: Asset Manager/Property Manager

Public Entity: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

PLANS http://fedassetmgmt.com/pdfs/plans/bayside_sitemap_0308.pdf

MORE INFORMATION http://www.baysidefthoward.com

And then there are several paragraphs about the (phoney) project. All carefully worded to confuse and convince potential scam victims of Infantino's to trust John Infantino in any property development deal; while also being worded to be able to help John Infantino beat any lawsuit or criminal fraud charges based on his Ft. Howard listing.

On Infantino's VetsUSA website he also still lists Ft. Howard as one of his jobs done well:



Infantino's Federal Group International website at:


has a link to his Federal Asset Management website at:


which has that Ft. Howard listing on it.

Seems to me that Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler and his investigators knew about Infantino's well known (in Maryland) and easily located Bayside at Ft. Howard website, but they do not know that the phoney Ft. Howard development project is still being used on other websites of Infantino's.  

John Infantino is clearly maintaining his websites, so why did he not take Ft. Howard off all of them?

Because it is all used in scams being done and done again and again - to victims all over the world. 

There is a John Infantino Bayside at Ft. Howard lawsuit press release on the Maryland Attorney General's Website:

AG Gansler: Developer of Unbuilt Retirement
Community for Veterans in Baltimore Co. Must
Reimburse Deposits to Applicants
Baltimore, MD (June 3, 2014)

The press release on that page ends with:

The settlement requires Infantino and his companies to pay restitution to all Bayside at Fort Howard applicants whose money has not yet been returned to them. They must also pay the Consumer Protection Division $2,500 for its costs investigating the matter and a $10,000 penalty, which may be reduced to $5,000 if all terms of the settlement are met.


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