Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ft. Howard Infantino Lawsuit Won Not Much

From the Maryland Attorney General's Website:

AG Gansler: Developer of Unbuilt Retirement
Community for Veterans in Baltimore Co. Must
Reimburse Deposits to Applicants
Baltimore, MD (June 3, 2014)

From it:

In order to apply to lease a rental unit, veterans had to submit an application packet and pay a "holder fee" of $500 for a single applicant or $750 for a joint application. A second deposit of either $1,500 or $2,250 was later collected from tenants to secure their residency.
The press release on that page ends with:

The settlement requires Infantino and his companies to pay restitution to all Bayside at Fort Howard applicants whose money has not yet been returned to them. They must also pay the Consumer Protection Division $2,500 for its costs investigating the matter and a $10,000 penalty, which may be reduced to $5,000 if all terms of the settlement are met.

This means little, because John D. Infantino owes a lot in other lawsuits against him that hasn't been paid; there are other lawsuits in the works not yet gone to court; there are many people around the world who also wish to - and have legitimate reasons to - sue John Infantino.

In the Ft. Howard situation, there may be no way to prove all the Ft. Howard application fees illegally paid to Infantino. If he doesn't want to. Because, on his Bayside at Ft. Howard website, which was taken offline shortly before the Maryland settlement recently being made and over 4-years after he lost the Ft. Howard VA lease, he had a print out application form that was mail in only with checks only. Checks sent to a Post Office Box in Washington D.C.. A P.O. Box near his virtual office in the renowned Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, strategically located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C..  A virtual office is not actually occupied full time by tenants. You best believe, in this modern world of online money transfers of bank funds, credit card and debit card payments, it is not a good sign that Infantino required paper checks for his Ft. Howard applicants paying deposit fees.

I cannot load PDF Files on here, so I will add photos of the PDF File Infantino offered of his Bayside at Fort Howard application form I downloaded from Infantino's Bayside website. And I can verify by the number of times I checked on it that his Bayside at Fort Howard website with the application fee send in form was up and running up until just weeks before Maryland Attorney General Gansler won his lawsuit against Infantino.

I do not see any future in expecting that all those unfortunate folks who were ripped off by Infantino in his Fort Howard Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center property development scams will be reimbursed.

John David Infantino must be stopped and punished!

All it takes is a good web search of John Infantino to find all that I have learned about him. No one can prove me wrong.

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