Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Infantino's Tax Records Can Help Prove It

If any government entity or any investigator would investigate John Infantino's tax records, and see what Infantino is actually worth compared to what he says he is worth, to verify he has/has had only a few employees or none but him - when his numerous international LLCs' reported multimillion-dollar projects would require a lot of employees - that investigation will help prove that John D. Infantino most certainly is an International Super Scammer.

John Infantino Federal Development/Federal Africa/Federal Bulgaria/Federal Asset Management/etc. has issued many promises - all over the world - of how he was/is going to bring millions upon millions of dollars to numerous property development projects. But he has never completed any project. Because he has never intended to do more on any project than to create and publish preplanning materials. Because he knows how to manipulate people into loaning him or giving him big chunks of cash, with promised projects and his very own - ferociously falsified - web pages as business references. Because most people he deals with believe everything he says anywhere anyway he says it.

John D. Infantino has created a humongous, international, Ship of Fools, which he heartlessly commands.

How can I investigate John David Infantino's tax records?

If I can't, who can
investigate his tax records?

The tax records of John D. Infantino - Super Scammer.

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