Sunday, April 6, 2014

John Infantino Master Forger

John Infantino is highly skilled at forging paperwork and web pages to use as false references shown to his business partners and others whom he is working to convince that he -  his Federal Development and other LLCs - possesses, or is securing, the necessary financial strength and business experience required for his contributions to numerous muti-muti-million dollar property development projects all around the globe.

John David Infantino also copies text, illustrations and photographs from the web pages, brochures and other paper published works of actual, honest, developers - from all around the world - and Infantino uses those pirated items when working his numerous scams.

John D. Infantino is (excruciatingly painful to others) successful in his international  scams. In that he borrows money from or is given large sums of money by people who have been duped into believing that Infantino is going to create and complete massive property/community improvement development projects in each of those peoples' home countries. International Super Scammer John Infantino: never actually begins work on any publicly proposed and announced project; he always disappears from the geographic areas/business partners/financial backers - when his scam has gone as far as he can run it; he often goes away from  those geographic areas/business partners/financial backers owing each of those geographic areas/business partners/financial backers lots of money. Money he uses to support his international lifestyle - one that mimics the life of a rich, successful business man. He most likely is rich, with moneys stashed all over the globe, but his only successful business ventures are scams he makes money from.

All you have to do is search on the World Wide Web for information on him - John Infantino + Federal - and all you will locate are: his published web pages about himself; numerous news articles about the development projects he has declared to be working on the beginnings of; and there are some web pages by a few former partners or employees of his who tell how John Infantino scammed them and screwed up their lives. What you will not see are any news articles about Infantino's projects being in construction phases or completed or doing the good things for millions of people whom he promises to lead into greater prosperity.

John Infantino + Federal maintains his scam victims all over the world. Our world needs those victims to stand up and count themselves in on ending those ever increasing scams and severely punishing John D. Infantino.

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