Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Case I Am Attacked Or Murdered In Dundalk

The following information about this post card has been emailed to postal inspectors and the FBI. I have spoken directly to my local postmaster about this situation. I have had telephone coversations with other postal authorities and an FBI agent about this post card, and the story behind it. I may also soon email it to Baltimore County detectives (I was just interrupted, in my final edits of this blog entry, by a phone call from a postal inspector who told me to contact Balto. Co. detectives, because the postal service only investigates threats, and according to their strict legal definition, my post card is harassment. The person or persons who sent the card planned on it not being viewed by authorities as being a direct threat, I am sure. But it is a direct threat against me; read on and you will see why.):

The email:

I have received a threatening post card. A front and back copy of it is attached to this email.

If you look at the message side of the post card, you will see that my address appears to have been written in by a right handed person who is writing left handed. The address and the message on the post card were done by two different hands, and possibly were written by two different people. The card is from Hawaii, but post marked from Boston. These are all ways to disguise whom and where the card came from and when they were in Hawaii, or maybe they never went to Hawaii.

Why would they bother to disguise their handwriting if they do not intend to follow up on their threat?

The same with a post card of Hawaii being mailed from Boston. Is that an attempt to throw investigators, of the post card sender's planned future homicide of me, off their trail?

Did they go to Hawaii at all?

Did they transfer flights in Boston, or did they get someone whom they were in Hawaii with to mail the post card from Boston for them?

If I am murdered, I have no one here to help the Postal Inspectors, FBI, and local Baltimore County homicide detectives with the info of this situation. Of if I suffer a heart attack or stroke from the extreme anxiety I am experiencing. I must have the copies of this post card in an official file.

The confirmation number for the report filed with the Postal Inspectors is: co37852760.

My web site with the background story fully written out, with photos of my times in Maine and scanned copies of post cards I sent to my Aunt Martha and Uncle Finley K. Clarke up in Northern Maine, all said to be full of lies by my recently deceased Aunt Martha (she died Feb. 26, 2008, Uncle Finley died Apr. 25, 2006), on it is: http://ursusdave.blogspot.com/

My Uncle Finley and Aunt Martha were well aware that I had published that web site and also many short stories about me working for and living with them at Katahdin Lodge and Camps of Patten, Maine. Fin and Marty claimed that all of my work is full of lies.

Who ever sent me that threatening post card has obviously referenced my numerous published stories and web sites about my times working for my Aunt Martha and Uncle Finley Clarke up in Maine -- i.e. "YOU BEAR DUNG" -- and the post card sender has fully believed Martha Clarke's claims that my published works are full of lies. I fully believe that they are seeking revenge against me on behalf of recently deceased Martha Clarke.

If my stories are full of lies, then why didn't my fairly wealthy and powerful Aunt Martha and Uncle Finley try to legally stop me from publishing my stories and also bring law suits against me and my editors too?

Links to all of my published works are on


Thank you.

That is the end of the email.

Now that I have finally begun to seek legal recourse against Martha Clarke's estate, there is a much higher probability that the person, or persons, who sent the post card will be coming after me to do me harm.

This is the only way I have to inform any allies I may have in the Patten Maine area that I need them to think about whom it may be who would want to come and do me harm, as a result of my Aunt Martha and Uncle Finley's hardheaded attitudes about not admitting that they had done me wrong. I know that the post card sender, or senders, is/are not anyone whom I worked with at the Lodge, because they're the kind of men who will come right out and say what they want to, if and when they want to. And they know that my many published stories about my times at Katahdin Lodge and in and around Patten are real. I do not even believe that it is anyone from the Patten area who sent the threatening message to me; it is just a small possibility that someone up there may have heard something to help me, or to help the investigators of my potential murder.

I wouldn't be so worried if the post card sender had not tried to disguise their handwriting. This immediately revealed to me their intent to follow up on their threat but not have their handwriting on the card as evidence of whom they are. They have to be "watching" me for a reason, right?

David Robert Crews Copyright 2008

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