Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Hitchhiker's Magic Mirror

I hitchhiked out of the 1960's, through the 70's, on till '86. And when I was driving, I picked up hitchhikers any time I could. It was exciting, interesting, soul satisfying, lottsa fun, very lucky not to have had any real bad experiences at it. Only a few uncomfortable times. 

A personal rule was never show anger at passing motorists, when I figured they could have picked me up. Sometimes, those ones did stop a little ways further and give me a ride. 

When I saw people like a lone woman, anyone with kids, or a wimpy looking man, I'd smile & wave to them to indicate I understand they maybe should not trust a hitchhiker, and a few stopped and gave me a ride. 

It was often reflective of human nature as in this song, because I did think about the people passing me by in the same manner Leon Russel relates it here:  

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