Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two of The Animals' Album Cuts

From my early teens, to today, and forever, the intense popularity of many music artist's few known songs - because they are Top 40 hits - irks me to no end. Because many music artists have a lot more to offer, which is also superb. The Animals, with Eric Burdon, are mostly known for "House Of The Rising Sun," which is Folk Music rocked with powerful soul. Their music catalog also has a lot of great songs that are solid Rock and Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Blues, and Soul Music.

You need to realize, the British Invasion music was born of post World War Two hard times and glorious rebirth of nations; nearly destroyed economies and communities rebuilding themselves. The musicians grew up surrounded by people who suffered severe war trauma. Those powerful experiences spawned powerful feeling in the music. 

Unfortunately, some of the best of it has never been played on radio, performed live on TV, or used in movie soundtracks, played at parties, or ever heard by most people. I always bought albums and listened to the entire thing. Nowadays, I purchase MP3 cuts, and mix them with into playlists of songs culled from CD albums, but I still listen to more complete albums than personal playlists.

I want to turn you onto two lesser known songs by The Animals. 

First is the rocked up old Blues number "Dimples." 

The second is a soul stocked love song.

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