Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ft. Howard Scam Website Back Online

The 1st developer, who lost his lease on Ft. Howard in 2009, John D. Infantino has his scamming Bayside at Ft. Howard website back up online. The site has a downloadable Priority Application Form on it, for more victims to send in security deposits. The site also has a questionnaire that is designed to steal the life savings of potential victims. It is at the Preconstruction Survey link, and says: "Bayside is currently exploring the option of offering Condominiums or Life Estates based on interest expressed by Veterans. A Life Estate is the option to pay for ownership of a property for the remainder of your lifespan. Are you interested in alternatives to renting at Bayside such as condominiums or Life Estates?"

Why he has victims send deposits in - on written checks - to a P.O. Box, I don't know. It must have something to do with hiding the income or making it less traceable or some advantage to the scam.

The Maryland State's Attorney had  legally forced Infantino to take his website down. Infantino took security deposits from American Military Veterans who believed they would be able to move into new living units built by Infantino at Ft. Howard. Infantino never made any progress with the Ft. Howard deal, so the VA cancelled his lease in 2009.  He wasn't paying deposits back. So, in 2014, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler reached a settlement with Infantino on behalf of the vets who made security deposits. Infantino was told to pay back deposits. I don't know if he has. I doubt it. And the state's attorney's office refuses to tell me how many paid deposits and how many received refunds. Which has me suspecting they have something to hide. 

I have informed the proper employees of the Maryland State's Attorney's office twice and the VA once - about the site being back online. But the website keeps-on-fishin' for more victims. 

John Infantino was the first developer to sign a lease with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the VA's Fort Howard Medical Center property. The deal with Infantino was that he rehab most of ther buildings on Ft. Howard, build condos and apartments, create retail spaces plus commercial offices, and veterans have first choice in renting there. 

Unfortunately, John D. Infantino is an International Super Scammer. Newspapers, magazines, company and community newsletters around the word have articles written about what Infantino says he will do, but no publications ever say he did it. He meets with leaders of countries, states, cities and towns - telling them all individually that he will bring millions of dollars in financing to each proposed project. He never has any intention to rehab or build anything anywhere. He doesn't have the money, experience or manpower of employees required for any project. It don't matter to him, he takes what he can get and moves on. He uses the property development proposals & signed deals as financial references to convince people to lend him money. 

John David Infantino uses the public hype of his proposed projects as a good reference - loan security - in convincing people to loan him tons of money. And to give him credit on hotel bills, etc.., then he slides on out of there. He maintains websites that list his phony projects as successes, that lists various properties he claims to be managing, and very few of his scam victims check his references. Lenders think Infantino will earn millions of dollars from his massive development projects. He even does it in countries where his victims could jail, torture and publicly execute him. If he ever went back there.

Bayside at Ft. Howard:

The Priority Application Form: 

The Preconstruction Survey;

The Maryland State's Attorney's press release on Infantino: 

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