Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fort Howard VAMC Property Development Status May 2016

The latest on the Ft. Howard VAMC property development, from County Councilman Todd Crandell, on May 23rd, is: 

"There has been no formal proposal to me by Mr. Munshell (current lease holder/property developer) beyond the Planned Unit Development application I rejected in September. (The PUD application included retail, hotel, and approximately 1500 housing units.) 

I have held several conversations with a developer who is attempting to work with Mr. Munshell. This developer has expressed a desire to build, “by right,” approximately 574 housing units, which is what the current zoning would allow. I am proud to have reduced the housing density by about two-thirds, however, I do not want to claim victory just yet. 

In order to bring both the developers and the VA to the table, I submitted the property as a comprehensive zoning map issue. Until this process is completed this fall, no building permits can be issued. I am using the tools and authority I have as Councilman to facilitate, after a decade of broken promises, the most reasonable and responsible development possible. We must understand though, that there are certain realities both financial and legal, that enter into this very complex situation, and they must be weighed as well."

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