Thursday, May 26, 2016

Los Lobos Album The Neighborhood

It was the mid 1990's, after a doctor's appointment, I see a Los Lobos album The Neighborhood on cassette tape that had been there on the receptionist's desk during a previous appointment - three months before. I had hundreds of cassettes in my music library, but had only heard Los Lobos once - on MPT's Austin City Limits. I told the receptionist the tape had been there over 90 days, asked if I could have it, and she gave it to me. 

It is one of the best albums I have ever heard, with a solid variety of Rock and Roll. If I met someone who had never heard Rock and Roll Music, I'd play them The Neighborhood. It has that much going for it. 

About a decade ago, I began to look for a CD of the album, but could not locate one anywhere in any music store or on the Internet. After several years, I managed to score a used CD of it online. From those experiences, and what little is written about it online, it proves to be a little known and heavily under appreciated, a most human, piece of excellent work. The musicianship is superb, by any standards. The song writing expresses somethings of what we each have in our lives. The last song, "The Neighborhood," could be an anthem for any city dwellers anywhere, and would be great for a video interpretation of it. 

Have yourself a listen:

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